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Relationships with someone suffering from an addiction or with a mental health disorder can be challenging to maintain in a healthy way. This category aims to offer a deeper look at how we can get help for ourselves or a partner suffering from addiction or mental health through various blog articles.

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Dating Someone Newly Sober & Where To Get Help

Guide To Sober Dating Once a newly sober person successfully mastered the foundations of recovery and is sure they’re dating for the right reasons, learning how to navigate the dating scene while staying sober becomes their next biggest challenge. How would they relax on a date if they can’t drink alcohol (or use other drugs of choice)? How would they bring up that they’re in recovery – would they even tell you at all? These are just a few of the questions you need to ask yourself if you’re dating someone newly sober. There’s no set timeframe, but dating early in recovery is universally advised against. The general consensus is that recovering addicts or newly sober people should wait about 6 months to a year after substance abuse and alcohol treatment to consider romantic relationships. [1] Dating Someone Recently Sober? Recovery is intended to be a time of intense self-reflection and introspection and being newly in love can be incredibly distracting. The first stages of a relationship are exhilarating and can have them prioritizing their new romantic interest over themselves. At the same time, recovery is a lifelong journey that never really ends so a recovering addict or a newly sober… 

Dating Someone Newly Sober

Learning to Set and Maintain Boundaries

Set and Maintain Boundaries Setting healthy boundaries is an important first step in your recovery, but can sometimes be awkward and uncomfortable. We first need to get familiar with what boundaries are and which ones are important to you. Boundaries are the physical, emotional, and mental rules and limits you set for yourself and others. This set of rules should be established at the beginning of each relationship to ensure understanding.  The foundation of these boundaries comes from respect, for yourself and for others. You must first learn to respect yourself on this journey before you can expect someone to do the same for you. In time, once this respect is established, your relationships will grow and flourish. These healthy relationships will help motivate you on your journey through recovery, maintain boundaries is just one part to build a strong relation with your relatives, based on respect and confidence. Boundaries Tell Others How You Want to Be Treated When beginning to create the boundaries that best suit your needs in the recovery process, you must first know your ‘why’. Identify which values are most important to you, and the principles you have used everyday throughout your life.  Whether these values… 

Dating Someone Newly Sober

Healthy Relationship with Communication Skills

Have a Healthy Relationship is possible Communication is the key to a healthy relationship. Everyone knows that. It’s not exactly a complicated idea, so why do so many couples have trouble with it? It turns out that communication isn’t as easy as it sounds. In fact, relationship specialists and therapists have to work hard to bridge the gap between couples in order to create a healthy relationship. Much of that work goes into thinking about how humans communicate. That research focuses on breaking down the simplest and most effective communication techniques for maintaining a healthy relationship. If you want to give your relationship a boost, take a look at these strategies and try implementing them in your own life. Find Common Ground for a Healthy Relationship A healthy relationship needs common ground to work from. That’s why couples having issues need to remember the reasons they’re together in the first place. This is the single most important step in making sure your relationship is healthy and productive. Don’t know where to start? This doesn’t need to be complicated. It can be as simple as a movie you saw last week and both enjoyed. Remember the good times, and keep pointing… 

Dating Someone Newly Sober

5 Sober Date Ideas

If you’re in recovery or choosing to live a life of sobriety, you might be overwhelmed by the inclusion of alcohol in modern dating. (Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered on the perfect sober date.) Modern dating often consists of drinking to calm nerves. In fact, some people purposely choose to go on a date at a bar or restaurant where they can get the best alcohol. But going on a date without alcohol is a better option when it comes down to it anyway. You get to know who your date really is while they’re not under the influence. This can be a big factor when deciding whether or not you want a second date. Fortunately, the options are endless when it comes to a sober date. 1. Old-Fashioned Ice Cream Some people associate an ice cream date with the joy and fun of childhood. Everyone knows real ice cream is the best, so skip McDonald’s. Find a place that serves real, old-fashioned ice cream. This is especially nice in the summertime when you need to cool down. 2. Go for a hike as a sober date This is a great idea for a sober date because hiking… 

Substance Use and Mental Health Awareness Events Calendar

3 Great Tips to Maintain a Healthy Heart (emotionally)

Your heart is your body’s headquarters. Without a functioning healthy heart, your body and you cannot survive. But we aren’t talking about clogged arteries… We’re talking about your emotional health. Heartbreak comes in many forms. Many of us have been hurt or betrayed by people and opportunities that we invested our hearts in. It can feel impossible to get out of bed the next day or ever trust again. But you must keep going. We’re going to give you 3 simple, yet effective strategies for keeping and maintaining a healthy heart. These are not quick overnight fixes, and they’re easier said than done, but if put into practice, you will notice a change in yourself and your life. #1: Find out who your true friends are. Many of us rotate between various social circles and groups of people, and everyone seems nice on the surface. But everyone who smiles at you does not necessarily have your best interests at heart. Try to really pay attention to how people you consider your friends act when you’re high and when you’re low, when you get a promotion or lose a job, enter a new relationship, or end one. Their initial response will… 

Dating Someone Newly Sober

How to Nurture Connections and Relationships

Due to our human nature, it is important for us to feel connected to others. We need to have positive relationships with others in business and personal life to be able to thrive! However, maintaining those connections is not always easy. Misunderstandings, differing views, and so many other factors can sever even the strongest of ties between people. It takes personal development and awareness to achieve this, so we’re going to give you 5 of the best ways to nurture connections and relationships. Notice the Good in Others It’s easy to only see the worst in others. We can point out bad habits, silently judge people for the smallest slights, and even wish ill on others in authority. Take the time to notice the good about someone daily. Maybe that boss who keeps asking you to stay late has a talent for encouraging the troops no matter the situation. Perhaps that friend with the weird laugh knows how to lighten the mood with a funny story or joke. By taking the time to change your mindset, you’ll be able to see someone in a new light. Beware of Assuming in Relationships We’ve all had that moment when a friend says…