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5 Steps for Reaching Your Goals in 2021

Reaching Your Goals

It happens every year: January 1st arrives and with it, a sense of possibility. We review the past year to acknowledge achievements and progress and begin to set new goals or resolutions for the year to come. It all seems hopeful and exciting for a little while, but we can crash and burn quickly without an effective plan. Today, we’re sharing the top keys to reaching your goals.

1. Optimize Your Space

With estimates stating that over 7-million people are working from home during quarantine, it has never been a better time to optimize your workspace. Organize, clean, and put things where you can easily find them.

If you’re the type of person that likes to lounge around the house all day in your pajamas while tackling a work-related task, hear us out: While those new pajama pants may seem comfortable, they’re killing your efficiency, so get up and reaching your goals.

Instead, we encourage you to use your home as you would an office space. Set boundaries between work and play; the living room, kitchen and bedroom are your ‘play’ areas, while the spare bedroom is your office. Maintaining boundaries between work-related tasks and leisure will improve your productivity and make your reaching goals manifest much quicker.

2. Set Pomodoro Timers

As a matter of fact, the antithesis of reaching your goals is… Procrastination, the single most controversial topic that many of us avoid when discussing our goals. Whether it’s getting in shape or making more money in the subsequent months, procrastination is a slow and agonizing defeat.

But what if there was a way to crush procrastination and make it work in our favor? The Pomodoro Technique was created in the 1980s by a man named Francesco Cirillo as a means of diminishing procrastination and maintaining productivity.

In essence, you work in 25-minute chunks, followed by a five or ten-minute break. You follow this back-and-forth method until your task is complete.

Reaching Your Goals.

3. Stop Multi-Tasking

If you want to reaching your goals come to fruition in 2021 and beyond, you have to focus on individual tasks like a laser. While multi-tasking may make us feel motivated in the moment, it wreaks havoc on our productivity and time management. Goal-oriented objectives that would take fifteen or twenty minutes could take over an hour when multi-tasking.

If you want to achieve your highest aspirations in style this holiday season, learn to focus on one task at a time and see it through to the end!

4. Get a Partner

No, we’re not asking you to download Tinder to find your soulmate, but we are asking you to find a reliable person to hold you accountable for your actions. Having someone that will keep you to your word and ensure that goal-related tasks get completed are worth their weight in gold.

In the following weeks, we encourage you to seek another individual that wants to achieve lofty goals in 2021. Use each other as accountability partners, and watch how your dreams become part of your reality in no time! Reaching your goals both of you.

5. Journaling

Keeping a detailed log of your daily tasks, accomplishments, and failures is paramount for lifelong success and abundance. Set specific days — perhaps at the end of each week — to reflect on the actions you took in the previous days.

Also, remember to acknowledge your failures and shortcomings (without shaming yourself) so you can mold and modify your actions in the following days. While this habit may seem painful at first, it’s an effective tool to have in your self-development arsenal.

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