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12 step codependency worksheets pdf

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Al-Anon 12 Steps Worksheets PDF

Free Al-Anon 12 Steps Worksheets PDF Click the button below to view, print, or download the 12 step worksheets. It breaks down each step, why it’s important, and has questions to help guide you or a sponsee through the 12 steps (such as the 12 Principles of AA and the 12 steps of NA). Scroll down on this page for a preview of what is included in this worksheet A 12-step program may seem daunting to a newcomer. You might be curious about the practical implications of abstract ideas like making amends or believing in a higher power. Your sponsor should be your primary source for the detailed instructions for each step. Work the steps only with their input and perhaps the rest of your group. Your group’s publications are a great resource in this process as well. There’s a good reason the procedure is termed “working the steps.” Each stage necessitates meticulous mental work in addition to practical steps. The 12-steps are intended to assist us in better comprehending the causes of our addiction and what we can do to combat it. This demands a great deal of introspection and soul-searching. Because of this, focused questions are an essential component of the equation.…