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12 traditions of aa

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12 Principles of AA

A Short History of the 12 Principles of AA Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) was founded in 1935 by Bill Wilson and Robert Smith. Alcoholics Anonymous has grown to include worldwide chapters devoted to helping individuals end their alcohol dependence. Wilson, struggling with alcoholism, initially sought help from a Christian organization, The Oxford Group. The Oxford Group’s expansive focus was designed to help people overcome their problems by confronting their fear and selfishness. Ultimately, Wilson broke away from the group to develop an organization specifically formed to contend with alcoholism, a problem rampant during his era and one that continues to plague millions in the U.S. and abroad. Wilson met Akron surgeon Robert Smith at an Oxford Group meeting. Like Wilson, Smith also suffered from alcoholism. Both Wilson and Smith found that The Oxford Group’s treatment of sin as a “disease” resonated in discussions of their struggles with alcohol. The 12 Principles of AA drew heavily from these spiritual elements. Wilson was the first to kick his alcohol dependence. He attributed his success to working with other alcoholics. He founded his principles on that work and his meetings with Smith, whom he helped achieve sobriety. In many ways, Wilson was ahead of…