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AA Meetings Amador County

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Facilities in Amador County

Drug Rehab Amador County CA Resources Amador County is a county in California in the Sierra Nevada. As of the 2020 census, the population was 40,474. The county seat is Jackson. Amador County, located within California’s Gold Country, is known as “The Heart of the Mother Lode”. There is a substantial viticultural industry in the county. The county is named for José María Amador, a soldier, rancher, and miner. He, with several Native Americans, established a successful gold mining camp near the present town of Amador City. Amador County is located approximately 45 miles southeast of Sacramento in the part of California known as the Mother Lode, or Gold Country in the Sierra Nevada. Recurrent alcohol or drug use can cause substance use disorders (SUDs). SUDs can result in health issues, disabilities, and the inability to fulfill obligations at work, school, or home. Regular, prolonged substance use can alter the brain, increasing the risk of obsessive and destructive behaviors and making recovery more challenging. SUDs can be avoided, treated, and managed like many other chronic health diseases. People with various problems can benefit from DBT and CBT behavioral therapy, which aims to recognize and assist in changing potentially self-destructive or unhealthy…