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AA Meetings Chula Vista CA

Alcohol & Drug Rehab Chula Vista

Alcohol & Drug Rehab Chula Vista Resources Chula Vista (Spanish for“Beautiful View”) is the second-largest city in the San Diego metropolitan area, the seventh largest city in Southern California, the 15th largest city in California, and the 78th-largest city in America. Located about halfway—7.5 miles (12.1 km)—between the two downtowns of San Diego and Tijuana in the South Bay, the city is at the center of one of the richest culturally diverse zones in the United States. About seven miles from central San Diego in one direction and the Mexican border in another, Chula Vista is quickly developing its strong identity as a tourist destination. It is also a city of families. Family households in Chula Vista, where homes have three or more people, comprise over 80% of the households in the city. Unfortunately, the residents are also exposed to drug issues common in big cities like San Diego. Prescription drug abuse has become one of California’s fastest-growing public health concerns. National data from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) indicates that prescription drugs (opioid pain relievers, stimulants, and sedatives) are the second most-abused category of drugs after marijuana. [1] Prescription Drug Abuse Issue Many people think they are not endangering themselves or others by misusing these prescriptions. If untreated, prescription…