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Can a Marriage Survive Drug Addiction

Married to a Drug Addict

Being Married to a Drug Addict? Alcohol or drug addiction affects the entire family. Substance-use disorders are a widespread and persistent health problem in the United States, with significant social and economic consequences. Long-term committed relationships, such as marriage, provide the primary form of social support for many individuals. Unfortunately, researchers have found that substance use is related to separation and remaining unmarried. [1] But what is it like to being married to a drug addict? Being married to a drug addict is hard – and making your marriage work can be even harder. This unhealthy relationship dynamic takes a tremendous emotional, financial, and physical toll on the spouse as well as the addict. Not only that, but it often causes irreparable harm to the very relationship itself which is why marriages where someone has a drug addiction have higher rates of divorce. 10 Things to Do When You’re Married to an Addict A substance abuse problem is a chronic disease that requires lifestyle adjustments and long-term treatment, like diabetes or high blood pressure. Even relapse can be a normal part of the process—not a sign of failure, but a sign that the treatment needs to be adjusted. With good care, people who…