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can i drink alcohol after taking birth control pill

Can I Drink Alcohol After Taking Birth Control Pill?

Birth Control and Alcohol Tolerance Can I drink alcohol after taking birth control pill? People who take birth control pills metabolize, or process, alcohol more slowly than those not on the pill. This is because the liver has to metabolize both the alcohol and the hormones in the medication. As a result, alcohol stays in the body for an extended period, and its effects last longer. People also remain intoxicated for longer during their menstrual periods, when the body releases more hormones. Females typically tend to get intoxicated more quickly than males. This is because their bodies contain less of the enzyme that breaks down alcohol, which is called alcohol dehydrogenase. Can I drink alcohol after taking birth control pill? Alcohol and Birth Control Pills The following forms of contraception will continue to work in the same way if a person drinks alcohol: Birth control pills Intrauterine devices (IUDs) Implants Patches Vaginal rings The Depo-Provera shot Condoms With correct use, these methods are 91–99 percent effective. The birth control pill would be 99 percent effective if everyone used it correctly all the time. As they do not, it is about 91 percent effective in reality. If a person drinks so much alcohol that they…