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6 Amazing Self-Love Activities to practice daily

You were likely taught at a young age to love others and treat them with respect. Even if you weren’t, you’ve likely realized the wisdom of it along the way. However, what about love for yourself? Do you treat yourself with as much compassion and consideration as you do others? Far too many people in modern society are looking for someone to love them without first learning to love themselves. Instead of waiting around for someone to show you the love you desire, learn to start cultivating self-love today with this 6 Amazing Self-Love Activities to practice every day. 6 Self-Love Activities to establish Practice Compassion for Others Cultivating self-love doesn’t mean turning off your compassion for others. In fact, that’s the best place to start. When you start outwardly showing compassion for others, you will begin to reveal the way you should also be treating yourself. Think about the things you do for others. Do you do these same things for yourself? Oftentimes, we show love to others in ways that we would want to be loved ourselves. For example, if you show compassion for a friend by encouraging them with kind words, try speaking those same encouraging words…