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What Is Courage and How Can You be Courageous?

What is Courage? Courage is a scary term for many people. They link it with fear and the unknown. It actually is a scary thing to face the most difficult things in life with bravery, but it can be done. We’ve got all you need to know how to be courageous in today’s crazy world. The act of being courageous is simply the ability to rise above something that is difficult even when you fear the risk. You might be terrified, but you face your fears. Courage is rising above the opposition to climb to the top. It’s one of the most important assets in life because it helps prove to yourself that you’re a winner in life. The good news about courage is it’s in all of us. It’s a muscle you exercise and build. You might not be born fearless, but you can get there with practice. How Can You Be Courageous? There are many different ways to show off your courage. These can be the smallest things like jumping off a high dive or the largest things like quitting a job for moral reasons. We have many different ways to show courage in everyday life. Be Courageous…