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Dating Someone In Sober Living

Dating Someone Newly Sober

Guide To Sober Dating Once a newly sober person successfully mastered the foundations of recovery and is sure they’re dating for the right reasons, learning how to navigate the dating scene while staying sober becomes their next biggest challenge. How would they relax on a date if they can’t drink alcohol (or use other drugs of choice)? How would they bring up that they’re in recovery – would they even tell you at all? These are just a few of the questions you need to ask yourself if you’re dating someone newly sober. There’s no set timeframe, but dating early in recovery is universally advised against. The general consensus is that recovering addicts or newly sober people should wait about 6 months to a year after substance abuse and alcohol treatment to consider romantic relationships. [1] Dating Someone Recently Sober? Recovery is intended to be a time of intense self-reflection and introspection and being newly in love can be incredibly distracting. The first stages of a relationship are exhilarating and can have them prioritizing their new romantic interest over themselves. At the same time, recovery is a lifelong journey that never really ends so a recovering addict or a newly sober…