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does salvia stay in your system

How Long Does Salvia Stay in Your System?

What is Salvia? Salvia, also called Salvia Divinorum, is a plant species common in Central America and South America that can be turned into a psychoactive drug if it is chewed, smoked, or used as a tea ingredient. While not found in the United States naturally, the drug made its way to the country in the 21st century as a new drug with extreme hallucinogenic effects. People most often chew the leaves from the plant or drink the extracted juices. However, salvia also is often rolled into cigarettes and smoked, similar to marijuana, and can be inhaled through water pipes or vaping pipes. Salvia is considered the most potent natural hallucinogen due to its extreme, short-lasting effects. One of the roadblocks encountered when trying to get a better understanding of this drug is the lack of information about its effects, including whether it is addictive or if it can lead to death. While scientists continue to research salvia addiction and test how it interacts with the brain the plant remains one of the most prominent, new drugs introduced to the country in the last 10–15 years. Salvia has many additional street names, including: Diviner’s Sage Magic Mint Maria Pastora Sally-D Seer’s Sage…