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Does Suboxone Show Up In Saliva Test

Suboxone Half Life

How Long is Suboxone Half Life? Suboxone is the brand name for a prescription medication that is designed to treat opioid addiction. It’s typically used in the management of opioid abuse and withdrawal. It is classified as a Schedule III controlled substance in the United States, meaning it’s a drug deemed to have a medical value yet also carries a moderate risk for addiction [1]. Therefore, only doctors who receive certifications from the Department of  Health and Human Services may prescribe Suboxone. This medication is manufactured as dissolvable films (Suboxone strips) and tablets. Suboxone and Methadone are both commonly used FDA-approved medications that are used to treat opioid addiction. Many people who take Suboxone are concerned with how long it will stay in their system. The length of time that the drug will stay in your system depends on several factors, but one of the biggest determining factors is its half-life. Suboxone has two ingredients: the opioid Buprenorphine and the medication Naloxone.  The main ingredient in Suboxone, buprenorphine, has an especially long elimination half-life compared to other opioids. Elimination half-life refers to how long it takes for half of a single dose of a drug to leave the body. The half-life of buprenorphine is…