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Drug Rehab Atlantic City NJ

Atlantic City Rehab

Atlantic City NJ Drug Rehab Resources Atlantic City, often known by its initials A.C., is a coastal resort city in Atlantic County, New Jersey, known for its casinos, boardwalk, and beaches. Atlantic City’s evolution over the last several decades makes it a pleasant place to live with numerous attractions and exciting neighborhoods. Unfortunately, substance abuse in Atlantic City appears to be out of control. In the previous few decades, the amount of narcotics in Atlantic City has soared. According to New Jersey’s Substance Abuse Overview, Atlantic City has the highest percentage of substance abuse admissions in the state in 2017, accounting for an average 27% of total people. [1] The prevalence of heroin addiction is one of the city’s most serious issues. Like the rest of the United States, Atlantic City has been severely impacted by the opioid crisis. Heroin is the drug of choice for most residents in the area in 2017, with an estimated 59% preferring it over any other narcotic. [2] As more potent synthetic opioids enter the market across the country, many addicts may eventually turn to these more powerful and lethal substances to obtain their fix. If you or a loved one needs opioid addiction treatment or help with other drugs or alcohol, do not…