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Effects of Methadone Withdrawal

Methadone Withdrawal Psychosis

What is Methadone Withdrawal? Methadone is physically addictive, primarily when used in high doses. Methadone is a prescription drug that has been used for several decades to treat people in recovery from heroin addiction or opioid addiction, leading some heroin users to switch one addiction for another. If taken repeatedly, tolerance to Methadone can develop fast. This means the user will need to take more Methadone to achieve the desired effects. Once the body becomes reliant on this prescription drug to operate normally, a dependence has developed. Those with a dependence on this drug will experience opioid withdrawal symptoms if they discontinue taking the medication. Methadone withdrawal occurs because the body has to relearn how to function without the drug in its system. While the body tries to reestablish normal functions, uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms happen, making recovery difficult. Because the effects of methadone withdrawal can be painful, methadone users are advised to detox in a medical environment. Most inpatient rehab treatment programs offer medical detox, which can help reduce the severity of the effects of methadone withdrawal. Factors Affecting the Effects of Methadone Withdrawal The effects of methadone withdrawal can be different for everyone. In addition, the methadone withdrawal timeline…