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Growing Up With An Alcoholic Father

How To Forgive an Alcoholic Father

Effects of Having an Alcoholic Father The experience of having a father who suffers from alcohol use disorder (AUD) can be painful and confusing An alcohol use disorder (AUD) affects not only the user but can also affect the people in the user’s life. Because addiction is a family disorder, siblings, spouses, parents, and children also experience the consequences of alcoholism. Drinking alcohol has a very little stigma and is often synonymous with social activities. The social acceptability of alcohol makes it easy for some to develop dependencies on or addictions to alcohol. This inability to control alcohol use can cause individuals not to meet their obligations at home, work, and school. When a father has an alcohol use disorder and can’t meet their responsibilities, there can be negative effects for the child that can last into adulthood. Having an alcoholic father can impact any and all aspects of a child’s life. Children with alcoholic parents are four times as likely to engage in excessive drinking at some point in their life. This can be attributed to genetic factors related to addiction or the normalization of unhealthy drinking habits in their family. As a result, they can experience depression, loneliness,…