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Heroin Detox Center Fort Lee

Alcohol and Drug Rehab Fort Lee NJ

Drug Rehab Fort Lee NJ resources The Borough of Fort Lee is an influential municipality located along the eastern border of Bergen County, New Jersey, and situated on the Hudson River. Often referred to as the “6th Borough of NYC,” Fort Lee is bisected by the western approach to the George Washington Bridge, which carries traffic to and from New York City. Home to almost 40,000 residents, Fort Lee is named for the site of an early American Revolutionary War encampment and is often remembered as the birthplace of the American film industry. This suburban community encompasses approximately 2.6 square miles of an emerging township with over billion-dollar new development, diverse culture, and significant history. Fort Lee is built up residentially and commercially as it houses many playing fields and recreational parks as well as running and bike trails. It is the perfect combination of city meets suburbs. Fort Lee is known for its apartment buildings and co-op complexes. However, beneath the surface of this booming town lies a destructive force that pervades every street. Finding both an accredited and top-rated Fort Lee rehab for drug addiction and alcohol abuse can be difficult. The National Survey on Drug Use and…