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How Addiction Affects Children

Alcohol or Drug Addiction Affects The Entire Family

Familial Relationships and Addiction You may have heard that addiction is a family disease. What this means, in its most basic sense, is that while the family member receives much of the attention for their condition, their family also plays a significant role in the development and continuation of the addiction. Long-term addiction recovery is, therefore, more achievable when family members are actively involved in the process. Family support is crucial for addiction recovery. Family programs and support for addiction and mental health are most often used to help treat the person’s addiction problem that is affecting the entire family. No family is ever ready to deal with a loved one’s addiction. When a family is confused, troubled, and desperate, they may inadvertently hinder the addict’s rehab and even unintentionally support that family member’s addiction. As part of this process, family members will often assume different roles. Definitely, a central role is that of the person struggling with addiction. Substance use disorder severely impairs their capacity for reasoning. Cravings for their drug of choice cause the person to lie, steal and do things they would never do when sober. Unfortunately, family members tend to excuse this behavior because they genuinely love the person and…