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how long does valium stay in blood test

How Long Does a Valium Stay in Your System?

What Is Valium? Valium is most often prescribed to relieve anxiety, muscle spasms, and seizures. It is also used to ease uncomfortable symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. Valium works by diminishing hyperactive brain function to relieve severe stress and anxiety. It is ingested orally in pill form and usually taken 1-4 times per day when prescribed by a doctor. Valium is a long-acting Benzodiazepine. This means it stays in the body much longer than shorter-acting Benzos like Halcion. Because of Valium’s long-lasting nature, people can take fewer doses per day than they would with shorter-acting Benzos. Valium for anxiety is meant to be taken regularly to be effective. But when someone starts taking Valium more than prescribed, or without a prescription, they increase their risk of becoming addicted. Valium Half-Life Valium is the brand-name version of diazepam, a prescription benzodiazepine drug commonly used to treat anxiety and seizures. Valium stays in the body longer than many other benzos, which is one reason why it is so effective for seizure treatment. However, its long-lasting nature also makes it extremely risky to use substances like alcohol or opioids. How Long Does a Valium Stay in Your System? Understanding Valium’s duration of effects, its half-life, and how it’s…