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inner child

What is Inner Child Work & How Does it Benefit Your Recovery

Addiction occurs when we have traumatic experiences or destructive thought patterns that we avoid instead of confronting directly. One of the keys to recovery from addiction is connecting with our wounded inner child. Incorporating inner child work into our recovery plan can help us answer critical questions about the sources of our addiction. It also can help facilitate deep healing. What Is an Inner Child? One’s inner child is real in the symbolic or metaphorical sense. He or she is a composite of the memories and baggage we accumulate during our formative years that fuel emotional difficulties in adulthood. This symbolic youth usually occupies an unconscious part of the adult self, where many psychological problems originate. When we ignore this child, they try to draw our attention to the hurts and traumas that still haunt us. So it’s time to work in our Inner Child Work. How Inner Child Work Connected to Addiction? Addiction often comes from the subconscious state of being, brought about by being exposed to trauma, violence, abuse, and neglect in early childhood. We rarely understand the full impact of these early experiences on us as kids. We usually don’t realize that it stays with us as…