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Lake County Rehab Center

Lake County Drug Rehab

Drug Rehab Lake County CA Resources Lake County is known for a lifestyle that is relaxed, fun, and family-focused. Beautiful rolling hills, gorgeous vineyards and orchards, great schools, and the cleanest air in the nation ensure you and your family will enjoy life to the fullest. Add amazing biking, hiking, and the largest natural lake in California, and you’ll see that there is no better place to live than Lake County. It’s no wonder people visit and never want to leave! Lake County is located in the heart of Northern California, approximately two hours from the Golden Gate Bridge and the same distance from the Sacramento Valley. Named Lake County in recognition of the beautiful lake in the center of the county, the area has approximately 65,000 residents. A new program by the Lake County government aims to “reduce community stigma regarding alcohol abuse and opioid addiction.” Other goals of the program are to make available more supplies of naloxone (Narcan), an anti-overdose medication, and to support a new group of formerly homeless people in explaining what life on the streets is like. The goal of this program will be to reduce the ‘us and them mentality and lessen the…