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NA Meeting in Hopatcong

Hopatcong Addiction Center

Hopatcong Addiction Center Resources Hopatcong is a borough in Sussex County, New Jersey, United States. The town of Hopatcong has a rich history, given its relationship with New York City. It borders Lake Hopatcong, a partially man-made lake that is now a source of much recreation and desirable real estate and is the biggest lake in New Jersey. The community, 40 miles (64 km) west of New York City, began as a summer getaway for the wealthy in NYC who primarily sought access to the lake. Unfortunately, substance abuse in Sussex County appears to be out of control. In the previous few decades, the amount of narcotics in the Sussex County region has soared. Last 2016, the Sussex County area had 32 overdose deaths due to heroin addiction, prescription medications, and other drugs, according to the Sussex County Community Law Enforcement Addiction Recovery Program. This number is up from 25 overdose deaths in 2015. [1] If you or a loved one needs opioid addiction treatment or help with other drugs or alcohol, do not wait to reach out for treatment. Connect with We Level Up today as we have the resources and programs that patients need to overcome their addictions for good. We must continue our efforts in all aspects…