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Narcissistic Self Destructive Behavior

Addiction and Self Destructive Behavior

What Is Self-Destructive Behavior? Self-destructive behavior is the term used to describe harmful actions and thoughts a person directs towards themselves. Some people who show self-destructive behavior are aware of their actions and continue to do them out of habit or impulse. It may be due to earlier life experiences related to childhood trauma, neglect, and abuse. It can also be related to a mental health condition, such as depression, borderline personality disorder, PTSD, or anxiety. While some of the self-destructive behaviors may seem trivial or unimpactful to the person initially, these unhealthy actions often interfere with the person’s happiness and peace. When it comes to alcohol or drug addiction, there are a lot of additional factors involved that can affect the person on their path to sobriety. Sometimes, these additional factors are conditions that preceded or developed as a result of alcohol or drug addiction. One such condition is self-destructive behavior, and understanding what it is and how it can affect your sobriety can help you succeed in treatment. What are the common risk factors for self-destructive behavior? You might be more prone to behave in a self-destructive manner if you’ve experienced drug or alcohol use, childhood trauma, neglect,…