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Fort Lauderdale Mental Health Rehab Center

Co-occurring Dual Diagnosis Mental Health Center Clients suffering from mental health pain often self-medicate that emotional pain by abusing drugs and alcohol. When these two conditions are both present they are referred to as dual diagnoses or co-occurring disorders. Treatment here goes beyond your typical Fort Lauderdale hospital detox with a truly comprehensive treatment approach. Clients with both mental health and addiction illnesses can be better treated in Dual diagnosis treatment centers. Dual-diagnosis centers are staffed with trained teams that know how to treat both illnesses together. Treatment centers providing mental health and substance abuse services are specialized. They already understand that drug addiction might be a result of an underlying mental health issue. And incorporate this understanding in their co-occurring secondary drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment. Request a Call from our friendly specialists Need immediate help? Please call 24 hours for a live counselor. We Level Up specialists are well trained to identify these underlying conditions and attempt to correct them. Mental health and substance abuse are complicated issues. Because they often interact with and impact each other. If you have a mental health issue and you leave it untreated, then your drug and alcohol addiction might also get…