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nurture connections and relationships

How to Nurture Connections and Relationships

Due to our human nature, it is important for us to feel connected to others. We need to have positive relationships with others in business and personal life to be able to thrive! However, maintaining those connections is not always easy. Misunderstandings, differing views, and so many other factors can sever even the strongest of ties between people. It takes personal development and awareness to achieve this, so we’re going to give you 5 of the best ways to nurture connections and relationships. Notice the Good in Others It’s easy to only see the worst in others. We can point out bad habits, silently judge people for the smallest slights, and even wish ill on others in authority. Take the time to notice the good about someone daily. Maybe that boss who keeps asking you to stay late has a talent for encouraging the troops no matter the situation. Perhaps that friend with the weird laugh knows how to lighten the mood with a funny story or joke. By taking the time to change your mindset, you’ll be able to see someone in a new light. Beware of Assuming in Relationships We’ve all had that moment when a friend says…