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Solution Focused Brief Therapy for Addictions

Benefits of Solution Focused Therapy

What is Solution Focused Therapy? One of the most wonderful benefits of solution focused therapy is it’s always brief, and to date, there has not been a great deal of research comparing it to other models. Solution-focused brief therapy (SFBT) is a new and increasingly used therapeutic approach that focuses on helping clients construct solutions rather than solve problems. The approach evolved in a clinical context amid many anecdotal reports of success from both therapists and clients. [1] There was strong evidence that solution-focused brief therapy was an effective treatment, for a wide variety of psychiatric disorders and substance use disorders. It seemed to be shorter, making it cheaper than alternative treatments. What is Solution Focused Therapy Used for? Many therapists believe that the benefits of solution focused therapy are useful for clients who need schizophrenia treatment, and research supports its effectiveness with some clients who have serious mental illnesses such as addiction as well. In treating substance abuse, a therapist using a solution-focused approach works closely with the client to understand the client’s own perspective on her problems; by focusing on those areas the client considers significant (e.g., relationships, work, financial security). The therapist assists the client in understanding…