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happiness playlist

The Happiness Playlist: 25 Songs to Improve Your Mood

Why create a Happiness Playlist? From the ancient drumbeats our ancestors used to the advanced music and streaming services of today, music has held an undeniable effect on the human psyche since the beginning. How is it that sound sequences and rhythms can affect us so much? Follow along for a quick rundown of what makes music so powerful for humans, and our ultimate Happiness Playlist. The Power of Music Many studies have been conducted over the years to try and further understand what it is about music that touches us so. With that research, many interesting things have been discovered to help unravel the mystery. One such truth research has uncovered is that people tend to prefer music that is reflective of the mood that they are currently experiencing. Another fact that research has revealed is that regularly listening to one type of music will typically make someone begin to exhibit a disposition that is more like that of that particular type of music. So, for example, if someone listens to a very upbeat and joyous kind of playlist for several weeks, they are very likely to start to exhibit more of a joyous and upbeat character. Likewise, regularly…