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Speedball Addiction

Speedball Drug

What Is A Speedball Drugs? Cocaine and heroin often are abused together in a combination known as a “speedball.” Cocaine and heroin exert different effects on the brain, and little is known scientifically about how the two drugs interact. Current medications for heroin abuse, such as methadone, are only moderately effective in reducing speedball abuse and at present, there are no effective medications for cocaine abuse. Combinations of medications that target the effects of either cocaine or heroin have shown promise in reducing speedball self-administration in preclinical studies. [1] Mixing Opioids And Stimulants All drugs have risks, but mixing and matching are one of the worst things one can do as they can produce unintended, even fatal effects. It’s important for people to know that taking drugs in combination can be far more dangerous than taking each of those substances by themselves. An example of this would be if a person were to take opioids at the same time as they took a stimulant such as methamphetamine or amphetamine, or cocaine. So, opioids are nervous system depressants, and they slow down your nervous system, they slow down your breathing rate. Whilst stimulants speed up your body’s need for oxygen, that…