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Treat Amphetamine Addiction

Amphetamine Addiction

What Are Amphetamines?  Amphetamines, otherwise known as ‘speed’ on the streets, are psychoactive drugs that speed up the central nervous system (CNS). Its use increases certain types of brain activity, resulting in a feeling of higher energy, focus, and confidence [1]. The drugs are sold under street names or drug slang names such as Bennies, Black Beauties, Crank, Ice, Speed, and Uppers. Amphetamine’s effect is similar to cocaine, but a slower onset and longer duration. It was also used to treat two mental health conditions, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and narcolepsy, a condition in which people fall asleep suddenly. Occasionally, it is used in depression treatment. As time went by, amphetamine began to treat various conditions, from alcohol headaches and hangovers to weight loss. Many amphetamines are Schedule II controlled substances, which means they have a high potential for abuse and a currently accepted medical use (in FDA-approved products). Pharmaceutical products are available only through a prescription that cannot be refilled. Amphetamines, including amphetamine salts, are in a class of psychostimulant drugs known as phenethylamines, which have the primary side effects of psychological and physiological stimulation. Side effects of this drug include increased body temperature, blood pressure, pulse rates, insomnia, loss of appetite, and physical…