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Veteran Rehabs

We Level Up to Launch Veterans Rehab for Alcohol & Drug Addiction

Drug and alcohol rehab for veterans A new, innovative evidence-based Military Veterans rehab for Substance Use Disorder is coming soon to the We Level Up treatment center. The drug and alcohol rehab for veterans programs will provide dual diagnosis treatment delivered by a team of licensed professionals with experience in both addiction and mental health. The rehab programs for veterans are designed to address the unique needs of returning military service members struggling with addiction and dual diagnosis PTSD. “We are excited to offer specialized rehab centers for veterans with co-occurring treatment programs,” said Alexandra Krotkevich, CEO of We Level Up. “Our goal is to provide outstanding veterans rehab recovery experience through the best possible care. Our specialists are well versed in helping vets overcome their addiction and underlying mental health challenges. Rehab Programs for veterans targeting substance use disorders Substance use disorders (SUDs) are a substantial concern among military veterans and are associated with multiple harmful results. The promising news is there are a number of services and interventions available in drug and alcohol rehab for veterans to help reduce SUDs, including both behavioral and pharmacological treatments. Many veterans struggle with drug and alcohol abuse in the U.S., especially those who…