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What Is Php Rehab

PHP Rehab

What is PHP Rehab? Partial Hospitalization Programs or PHP services are programs that provide a balance between inpatient rehab and outpatient care. PHP is sometimes referred to as “day treatment.” which allows clients to go home at night and spend the day receiving treatment safely inside the residential drug and alcohol treatment facility. Please note that transportation to and from PHP is not provided. In many cases, patients who have already completed a full medical detox treatment transition into partial hospitalization treatment. So when patients no longer require constant supervision, day treatment provides a form of step-down therapy that still provides a high level of medical support. What Does PHP Stand for in Rehab? PHP rehab services are designed for patients whose addiction isn’t entirely out of control and perhaps hasn’t been going on for a long time either. In PHP rehab, clients are usually physically and psychologically stable and do not need inpatient rehabilitation. Clients participate in activities several times per day. These activities consist primarily of individual and group therapy sessions designed to improve a patient’s self-confidence, decision-making skills, and communication abilities. This program is a step down from 24-hour care in a psychiatric hospital setting (inpatient treatment).…