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World Maternal Mental Health Day

Substance Use and Mental Health Awareness Events Calendar

Everyone can participate in raising awareness about mental health and alcohol or drug addiction whether they have been diagnosed with the disorders or not. Talking about them not only creates awareness which could potentially help people with undiagnosed cases recognize their own symptoms, but it also reduces the stigma and allows those individuals to feel comfortable going to seek treatment for their mental illnesses. January February Get Your Life Back Find Hope & Recovery. Get Safe Comfortable Detox, Addiction Rehab & Dual Diagnosis High-Quality Care. March March is recognized as Self Harm Awareness Month, a month dedicated to bringing awareness to something that happens across all genders, races, beliefs, and ages. One in five individuals will engage in self-injury in their lifetime, with the vast majority beginning during adolescence. [3] Individuals who physically self-harm and abuse drugs or alcohol may be given a dual mental health diagnosis. If this is you, our team at We Level Up can help. Our dual diagnosis program is designed to assist those who struggle with a substance use disorder along with other mental health issues. We Level Up providers can work with you to address underlying struggles and set you on track for a…