We Level Up Complete Recovery Programs

We Level Up offers diverse integrated rehabilitation treatment programs providing therapy needed by clients to enjoy exceptional and comprehensive treatment recovery. The combinations of treatment applied for each client vary based on their personalized needs. We Level Up clients can expect full service treatment programs to include inpatient medical detox to alcohol, drug addiction and co-occurring mental health treatments including not not limited to:

  • Client personal case manager sessions with daily meetings via one-on-one meetings providing a “home-base” for improved client treatment experience. Here, clients discuss recovery goals, how well treatment is going to help tackle each of their goals while fine tuning treatment to see their goals to accomplishment.
  • Client group therapy sessions with peer group meetings. These can be a powerful tool to learning how to improve, live without substance abuse and how to reduce mental health strains. Clients are led by treatment professionals with differing gender and other group types. Clients learn from their specialists and from others in the groups that provide lessons of their experiences and successes.
  • Traditional & alternative therapy sessions via powerful Psychodrama treatment sessions. These can include art therapy, CBT therapy, EMDR therapy and many more. These treatments and their highly trained professional specialists can help free clients to open up about their thoughts and feelings in therapy sessions amplifying the recovery experience.
  • Holistic therapy sessions with yoga and meditation, acupuncture. While these are among the most common, others have been shown to hold value for some in recovery. Clients benefit most when being receptive to exploring different holistic treatment programs and learning which prove most helpful to you.