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Live Events & Activities

Recently We Level Up’s Treatment team along with top management joined together for a full weekend of fun, emotional and intense work shops. The entire team listened, discussed and learned from Alumni and our inhouse team how to continuously improve recovery treatment for clients. The clinical team, therapists, counselors, techs and alumni specialists all challenged the entire team to deliver more for client recovery success. Each team member and former alumni were supported, embraced and lifted up during this spectacular two day event.

We Level Up Recovery Events
We Level Up Recovery Events

While the state of addiction can be dire and does not seem to be getting much better, our entire team is committed to helping clients transform and escape the hold addiction has over us. That’s why we’ve set out to refine and improve our treatment blueprints to drive improved long term recovery results for clients. Backed by evidence-based treatment we’re constantly applying cutting edge advanced therapies to achieve long term recovery success..

At We Level Up treatment center, we know that so many people in addiction WANT a life in recovery, yet so many of us fall short of having it long-term? That’s because clients develop things in their lives that aren’t working but actually trigger their addiction. That’s where our team of addiction specialists can help you drive the change needed, away from ingrained negative triggering patterns. We also know “Recovery” isn’t the same process for everyone, or that it’s even a place or a destination we can all agree upon. And while it can be a personal path for each one of us, we’ll help steer you towards measurable recovery growth at each step. We’ll guide you and show you how in every day life, and in recovery, all of us can grow.

Understanding that you or a loved one need help with drugs or alcohol addiction can be frightening and even overwhelming. But, doing research and speaking with experts can help you understand what works and what you can do next. Reach out to one of counselors for a no obligation free consultation. We’ll help you get the treatment you deserve.