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We Level Up Addiction Rehabilitation Center Review

10 out of 10
We Level Up Rehab Reviews

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We Level Up Addiction Recovery Center Rehab Testimonial

Charlies’ intimate recovery story provides the promise that others can defeat their substance dependence too.

Charles is a former client of We Level Up Detox and Rehab Center. He’s one of more than ten thousand plus breakthrough recoveries that We Level Up’s team is pleased to have sustained along the route to sobriety.

Please view and read for yourself, Charles’ amazing recovery testimonial. Gain confidence that you can do it also.

Hi, my name is Charles. I’m from Tenessee. I’m a recovering alcoholic. August the first was when I came to Level Up in West Palm Beach for detox. I didn’t really want to be there. And I was kind of on the fence. My journey to treatment has been filled with a lot of up and a lot of downs. I’ve been in and out of treatment now since about 2014.

The staff and the clients that were there at the time, they gave me a lot of attention. My sobriety date is August 1, 2020.

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