Nationally Acclaimed Alcohol & Drug Detox Rehab Treatment Center in California

“I have been through countless treatment centers in my life. Level up has developed a style and method that surpasses all others… The care and love you receive will (feel) …there is like no other. All the staff and counselors really do care and understand. I recommend them to anyone in need of addiction help. They saved my life and (I) am forever grateful” – Billy Able

WeLevelUp Treatment Center California is a Gold Seal Recipient. A designation reserved for top rated treatment centers

We Level Up First-class CA Treatment Programs including:

  • CA Drug & Alcohol Detox & Rehab
  • Drug & Alcohol Inpatient residential rehabilitation
  • Dual-Diagnosis Integrated Mental Health Therapy
  • All Levels of care including Inpatient residential program
  • PHP, Outpatient / IOP, Day treatment & Teletherapy programs
  • Lifetime Free Alumni aftercare consultations and events
  • Lifetime Free Client Family coulseing support

Backed by Team w/ History of:

– 10K+ Recovery Success Stories
– 15+ Years Treatment Success
– Low Patient to Therapist Ratio
– 100s of Verified 5-Star Reviews
– Dual Diagnosis Mental Health Treatment

We Level Up California Addiction Treatment Programs

As a renowned drug and alcohol detox rehab center in California, We Level Up provides advanced therapy and up-to-date facilities to improve the client treatment experience. We offer world-class hospitality along with modern living quarters and a comfortable treatment environment. You’ll be surrounded by amenities enabling you to relax your path to your recovery journey. We Leve Up CA offers restful, secure, and peaceful facilities designed to meet and exceed client expectations and comfort. Your residential center quarters offer an oasis in a private and landscaped property with indoor and outdoor relaxation spaces. Visit us, take a personal tour, and learn for yourself why We Level Up Treatment Center in California is a step apart from other addiction centers.

What’s We Level Up California’s Location Like?

California Treatment Center Map

End Your Substane Abuse Pain

Providing complete inpatient detox and rehab treatment for improved long-term recovery outcomes. We Level Up CA treatment center offers an evidence-based effectual level of treatment. We Level Up CA is well-tuned to caring for severe addiction cases. Even if you relapsed & the other treatment centers failed to work, rest assured we’re able to help. You and your family deserve awesome care for long-term recovery success. We Level Up California’s center offers a modern, comfortable and secure place to recover.

We Level Up California Treatment Center



Hours: 24/7

We Level Up CA Client Treatment Activities

Residential Admissions

At the We Level Up California treatment center you’ll find life-altering addiction programs in comfortable modern living spaces. We offer complete addiction programs that include addiction detox, education, therapies, and treatments targeted at both you and your family members as needed. Our treatment programs are designed to achieve improved long-term recovery results. Inpatient treatment stays can range at about a 28-day timeframe. You’ll find support from peers and our in-house teams of specialists providing you with clinical recovery therapy you deserve to get to real recovery. Many of our counselors have been where you are. They are knowledgeable and care. They’re available to answer your questions 24-hours a day and 365 days each year. Your calls is anonymous.  We value your privacy and maintain your confidentiality.

When treating for addiction your first step may require the help of a professional residential detox center. There are dangers that can become life-threatening if you opt to “go cold turkey” at home. Detox can become much riskier than most clients realize. There are highly risky side effects correlated do it yourself withdrawal without any medical support. Residential detox treatment offers detoxification support. A professional detox process is well known to provide the building blocks to long-term recovery treatment success.

In inpatient detox, initial integrated therapy can start. Many clients need therapy to treat underpinning reasons for their drug and alcohol addictions. In many instances, without integrated detox therapy programs, your pattern of substance abuse can more easily lead to repeated relapse. Inpatient detox benefits extend to supervised care providing medications to minimize your withdrawal symptoms along with monitoring to ensure you progress with more comfort. Your detox team will ensure you are provided with healthy nutrition. We know many clients fail to obtain nutritious meals for a long stretch impacting their overall health. Many clients suffering from substance abuse are not well able to insure their nutrition needs. And care of their overall health can suffer as a result. The detox process can start your overall recovery not just for your addiction but body and mind too.

Therapy Programs & Activities

  • Acupuncture
  • Art Therapy
  • Aftercare Planning
  • Breakfast/Med Pass
  • Breathwork
  • Caseload groups – All therapists
  • Coping Skills
  • Dinner
  • Medical Education
  • Emotional De-Escalation
  • Evening Med Pass
  • Experiential
  • Family Dynamics
  • Gender Group
  • H&I – speakers
  • Lunch/Med Pass
  • Medical Education
  • Meditation
  • Morning Meditation
  • Music Therapy
  • Orientation Group
  • Psychodrama Part 1
  • Psychodrama Part 2
  • Recovery Coaches Beginner
  • Recovery Coaches Advanced
  • Recovery Coached Gender Specific
  • Recreation
  • Reiki
  • Self-Esteem
  • Treatment Integration
  • Yoga

Recreational Recovery Activities

  • Bass fishing at fresh water pond on property
  • Karaoke
  • Trivia
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Corn hole
  • Pool table
  • Life size chess board
  • TV in each room with wireless headset

Inpatient Residential Medical Rehab Treatment

We Level Up medical staff has over fifty years combined experience in alcohol and drug rehabilitation, medical detox, and the mental health field.  Medical director, Dr. Quesada is board-certified in psychiatry and addiction treatment and oversees and trains all medical staff. Clients benefit from in-house full-time psychiatric ARNP and a full-time medical ARNP plus 24-hour friendly and welcoming nursing staff.  Nutritional consultations are available where required with a professional nutritionist.

Take a Tour of We Level Up California Addiction Treatment Center

We Level Up treatment centers in CA offer some of the most extensive dual-diagnosis substance abuse & mental health treatment in the country. As a preeminent treatment and detox center in California, we apply integrated dual diagnosis mental health programs using the best clinical methods to hold your treatment team responsible for adhering to the highest standards of substance abuse treatment. Located in the moderate welcoming climate of California, We Level Up specializes in the entire and complete addiction recovery process from assessment to medical detox through inpatient rehabilitation and aftercare to ensure long-term recovery success.