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Verified 5-Star Reviews at Multiple Centers

Proud history of 100s of 5-star verified Google reviews comprising multiple We Level Up addiction & mental health rehabilitation centers.

Backed by hundreds of client rehab reviews

Joint Commission Accreditation History

Proud history of Renowned accreditation reserved for only the top addiction & mental health treatment centers in the entire USA.

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Dual-Diagnosis Mental Health & Addiction Programs

A critical element of recovery success is treating not only the substance abuse but its co-occurring disorders. These are the underlying correlated triggers for addiction. We create a treatment plan that addresses physical aspects of withdrawal, psychological connection with substance abuse, and underlying mental health issues that are all part of setting clients up for recovery treatment success. Moreover, we provide stand-alone primary mental health treatment.

5-Star Medical Detox Treatment

We Level Up Medical Detox Centers provide cutting-edge detoxification for substance abuse and alcohol addiction. Through advance therapies by attentive 24/7 specialists clients receive dedicated personalized treatment addressing addiction withdrawal symptoms. Working around the clock your medical detox team provides for client safely and comfort while your body and brain begin withdrawing from alcohol and drug dependencies.

5-Star Addiction Rehab Treatment

At We Level Up rehab centers we’re continuously improving our top-rated addiction treatment programs. Delivering the highest quality care for clients suffering from substance use disorders (SUD). We treat all alcohol & drug addiction cases, including but not limited to pain medications (opioids like oxycodone or morphine), depressants, cocaine, stimulants, meth, heroin, Fentanyl, xanax and many other addictive drugs. Call to find out more about your particular addictive substance treatment options.

Top-rated Dual-Diagnosis Treatment Centers

Clients suffering from dual diagnosis are treated differently versus someone with a stand-alone substance use disorder (SUD). Drug and alcohol abuse quite often mask mental health pain and related symptoms that are born of depression, trauma, stress, anxiety and other emotional crisis.

If you have questions about co-occurring diagnosis or need professional guidance or treatment, please reach out to us. Also providing residential in patient Primary Mental Health treatment programs.

When clients begin medical detox, withdrawal symptoms can be similar, even identical to some of the symptoms of mental illness. We Level Up’s addiction treatment and mental health professionals are dual-diagnosis trained to treat both the mental illness and its corresponding addiction. They’re able to identify the difference between the two and offer personalized therapy that accounts for both conditions. With We Leve Up you can rest assured that we’re able to offer:

  • Immediate crisis treatment with quick intake programs, in some instances immediately
  • Comfortable, safe and settings with attentive staff in modern facilities with amenities to promote recovery
  • In-house Teams of specialists especially trained to deal with dual-diagnosis mental illness as well as addiction
  • Complimentary critical family and alumni programs so that you’ll have support while in treatment and beyond, once you leave
  • We accept most insurance and offer free benefits verification without any obligation – ever.
  • Providing residential inpatient, PHP, outpatient and day treatment complemented by teletherapy

Tour our treatment facilities & speak with staff members. Visit us and you’ll see why we’re a verified 5-Star reviewed co-occurring treatment center. Tour client common areas and lounges, including outdoor spaces for clients to recover and reflect. See for yourself why you too can feel very comfortable at We Level Up’s addiction center facilities. The key to your recovery success will be finding a dedicated and well trained treatment center for your care.

Nationally Recognized Treatment Center

Serene Private Facilities

Maintaining a clean, quiet, and inviting environment in every one of our facilities is of the utmost importance to our team. From private, serene rooms and lavish common areas to outdoor relaxation and a 24/7 on-site nursing staff, we want every moment in our facilities to be comfortable. Don’t forget to ask about the Level Up Cafe!

We Level Up treatment centers are “accredited,” meaning that they’ve undergone a series of assessments and evaluations to reach improving standards of excellence in patient care. The process of accreditation is lengthy. Both treatment programs and therapy practices are objectively evaluated by JCAHO – The Joint Commission to ensure its healthcare standards are met.

In seeking accreditation, our mental health, addiction and detox treatments are evaluated by industry-respected third-party accrediting body. Once the treatment programs earn the seal of accreditation and recognition, clients can rest assure, their treatment modalities have been assessed by the most respected organizations in addiction and mental health treatment.

Holistic Treatment Programs

Taking a holistic approach to addiction and mental health treatment is part of our program ensuring clients are comfortable and surrounded by activities and amenities leading to improved recovery. We know treatment is best shaped through therapies for the mind, body and spirit in conjunction with behavioral programs and medication, as needed. Amenities and alternative holistic therapies offered through our programs include (services and amenities vary by location):

  • Yoga
  • Massage
  • Basketball
  • Sound Therapy
  • Acupuncture Therapy
  • Chiropractic Therapy
  • Ping pong & Outdoor Chess
  • Outdoor Recovery Spaces
  • Community Game Room and Lounge

Call to learn more about your selected facility available amenities and services. Specialized programs and treatment differ by location.

Accredited Treatment Facilities

Wondering how to find top quality rehabilitation centers? With so many addiction, detox and mental health treatment programs, how can clients weed out only the very best rehabilitation programs that provide the quality care you deserve? And how can you tell which treatment centers can actually address your specific addiction and mental health issues?

Some of the questions you may ask include:

  • How can I make sure an addiction and mental health treatment center will provide the best standards of care?
  • Which treatment facility is the best option?
  • How can I find an addiction and mental health treatment program that is acknowledged by industry professionals as a legitimate and effective rehab?
  • Is there a facility with licensed, credentialed professionals who have experience in both mental health and substance use disorders?

A way to ensure your loved one’s mental health and substance abuse program provides the comprehensive and appropriate, personalized treatment is to choose an accredited facility.

World-class Addiction & Mental Health Rehab

Addiction recovery success is dependent on many factors including initial residential inpatient and intensive outpatient treatment or IOP coupled with family and alumni support. We recognize the importance of a virtual cycle of support that our clients deserve and include active alumni support, Facebook groups along with on-going family support. Count on We Level Up Florida to get you the custom treatment plan to fit your circumstances and situation. Our addiction specialists know how to help clients transition from using to recovery and staying the course to a better life. Make this your time to join our thousands of success stories now.

Free Family Support

Did you know that family involvement increases long-term success for our clients. Our dedicated family counselors uses e-therapy sessions, online information and advice via text or phone calls providing the support you deserve to succeed. We offer intense family weekends teaching how to engage without enabling or triggering your loved ones.

Free Alumni Support

Did you know that the vast majority of people who had participated in a drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation program and completed it relapsed within the first year. That’s why it is crucial to continue aftercare outpatient addiction treatment. The continuation of intensive high quality programs after leaving residential treatment, can help assure the likelihood of sobriety and continued recovery. All clients are eligible and receive after-care support and planning without further billing for this important service. We Level Up Florida is committed to client success & invests in your recovery even after clients leave.

You can Recover too!

Come for an in person tour and read the below verified reviews about our 5-Star Client Recovery Experience.

“I had a great experience in my time in We Level Up. The staff actually cared about me and help me with all their will to get back to good health. Miss V really made me do some deep introspection about myself and some of the obstacles that I have to get through. Marvin’s Men’s class was a breath of fresh air as he took us through his story, made a comfortable space to talk, and offer constructive feedback. Emma R. was by far the best therapist I had in my life and she was extremely relatable and helpful with my transition through the facility and my process. I overall had a great experience at We Level Up. The only possible negative i would say is there should be more food options later in the night.”

Simon Sylvester

“This was a lifesaver for my family. They are very supportive and keep you updated on the loved one that is in the program. They have meetings for the family as well. They are very personable and make you feel comfortable to share whatever is on your mind.”

Robin Hawkins

“Our daughter entered treatment at Holistix, currently Level Up, at Lake Worth, Florida in August 2020. She had been suffering from alcohol abuse for 10+ years to where it was affecting her job performance and her health. She had a great career, was independent, and was living life to the fullest. Her kidneys started failing her, and she almost died more than once. The DUI she got for the first time in her life was a blessing because it was a wake up call. She went online and found this place that we knew nothing about, signed up herself, and left 2 days later. We thank God everyday for the Level Up treatment facility and staff. She stayed for 60+ days, (her choice) and it has changed all of our lives considerably. She owes her sobriety to Level Up, is still connected to several people she met there, attends AA regularly and has made new friends through AA. She has had some tragic things happen to her since she came home, and handled them all using the tools she learned at Level Up. She has been sober since 8/22/20 and could have never done it without Level Up. Our entire family is grateful that she found Level Up online, was brave enough to sign up, and get on the plane to an unknown place that we had heard absolutely nothing about. It has saved her life. We have attended the family zoom meetings, which were helpful to us because it gave us the support we needed and being able to converse with others in our situation was very helpful, especially at the beginning when you’re at home and have very little contact with your loved one. The support is extremely helpful. We have talked to others whose loved ones had been to other facilities, and were told Level Up was the best one out of many, so we felt very lucky that our daughter ended up there. I highly recommend Level Up if you or your loved is in need of help, and is ready to get help. We cannot thank the Level Up program and staff enough!”

Lana Fox

You Deserve Help That Works

You’re not alone. Even if you have failed before and relapsed, or are in the midst of a crisis, we can help. Our friendly addiction and mental health specialists won’t give up on you. If you just can’t stop using you know you need help. If you can’t cope with daily life you know you need help, Now. Whenever you need someone to talk to about treatment options to suit you situation call us. Even if we can’t help you, we’ll guide you to where you can get help. There’s never any obligation.