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National We Level Up Treatment Centers for mental health & addiction rehab propel long-term recovery.

We Level Up Treatment Centers for Drug & Alcohol Addiction Rehabilitation, Detox Centers & Mental Health Centers Network are accredited providing professional therapy and substance abuse support.

We Level Up Treatment Centers Accreditations, Partnerships, Verified Reviews & Recognitions

The We Level Up Treatment Centers are accredited for drug and alcohol rehab and mental health services.

Our Locations

We Level Up treatment centers are a leading top-rated accredited detox center, addiction rehab & mental health dual diagnosis behavioral health centers network.

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Learn more about the We Level Up CA Addiction Rehab Detox Dual Diagnosis Center


Lake Elsinore

Learn more about the We Level Up FL Treatment Center (a.k.a. Tamarac Detox LLC)


Fort Lauderdale

Learn more about Level Up Lake Worth addiction center for alcohol and drug detox rehab


Lake Worth

Get recovery support at Level Up Treatment Lawrenceville (276 Bakers Detox LLC)

New Jersey


Find leading We Level Up Washington Treatment Center mental health programs and resources


Spokane Valley

Coming soon: We Level Up West Palm Beach Recovery Center for Mental Health Therapy


West Palm Beach

Learn more about the We Level Up TX Treatment Center (Dual Diagnosis Addiction Detox & Mental Health Rehab)



Our Services

The We Level Up treatment centers are one of the fastest-growing networks of medical detox, mental health, and addiction treatment facilities in the nation.

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Medical Detox

Find medical detox near me programs
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Addiction Treatment

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Mental Health

Find top mental health centers for depression, anxiety and more
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Join We Level Up Treatment Centers personal development events with Ryan Zofay and team

First-class Facilities & Amenities

World-class High-Quality Addiction & Mental Health Rehabilitation Treatment. Renowned Addiction Centers. Serene Private Facilities.

Proven recovery success experience, backed by a Team with History of:

  • 15+ Years Experience
  • 100s of 5-Star Reviews
  • 10K+ Recovery Successes
  • Low Patient to Therapist Ratio
  • Onsite Medical Detox Center
  • Comprehensive Dual-Diagnosis Treatment
  • Complimentary Family & Alumni Programs
  • Coaching, Recovery & Personal Development Events
We Level Up California - 1 of 2
We Level Up California - 2 of 2
Level Up Lake Worth - 1 of 2
Level Up Lake Worth - 2 of 2
We Level Up New Jersey - 1 of 2
We Level Up New Jersey - 2 of 2

What Our Clients Are Saying

We Level Up Treatment Centers Drug Rehab Recovery Program testimonial

Darlene Van Der Zyde

We Level Up Treatment Centers Drug Rehab Recovery Program 5-star top-rated testimonial

From the moment we dropped our loved one off at We Level Up, as Family members, we felt welcomed and supported. If your loved one is getting the same amount of support and education inside the facility as Family members are, they are in the right place for treatment.

We Level Up Treatment Centers Alcohol Rehab Recovery Program testimonial

Jesse Miles

We Level Up Treatment Centers Alcohol Rehabilitation top-rated 5-star Addiction Program testimonial

My stay here was great. The staff made sure my medication was right for me and got me in the right state of mind for me to continue recovery. I would recommend this place for anyone needing long term sobriety.

We Level Up Treatment Centers Behaviroal Health Recovery Program testimonial

Anaceona Mejias

We Level Up Treatment Centers Behaviroal Health Top-rated 5-star Recovery story

This place is the most amazing treatment center I’ve gone to! I have never felt this confident and so much better after leaving a facility. The staff really do care about you here and will do everything they can to make sure you go through a comfortable detox & residential stay. This place really changed me in a positive way, I HIGHLY suggest this facility to anyone struggling with addiction.

We Level Up Treatment Centers Behaviroal Health Recovery facility testimonial

Kristin State

We Level Up Treatment Centers Behaviroal Health top-rated 5-star Recovery Program testimonial

Level Up was the best decision I ever made. Not sure how I wound up at this treatment center in Florida when I live in Iowa, but it was meant to happen. I have gained so much insight into my addiction and was also able to meet people who will forever be my family. I would 100% recommend this place to anyone looking to truly change their lives.


We understand that you and your family may be going through a challenging period. The process of comprehending the treatment options for alcoholism, drug addiction, and mental health conditions that we address can be quite complex, and it may raise numerous questions.

With so many addiction, detox and mental health treatment programs, how can clients research the very best rehabilitation programs that provide the quality care they deserve? And how can one tell which treatment centers can actually address specific addiction and mental health issues?

Some of the questions you may ask include:

  • How can I make sure an addiction and mental health treatment center will provide the best standards of care?
  • Which treatment facility is the best option?
  • How can I find an addiction and mental health treatment program that is acknowledged by industry professionals as a legitimate and effective rehab?
  • Is there a facility with licensed, credentialed professionals who have experience in both mental health and substance use disorders?

A way to ensure your loved one’s mental health and substance abuse program provides comprehensive and appropriate, personalized treatment is to choose an accredited recovery center like the We Level Up treatment centers network.

When choosing how to detox appropriately you should always pursue professional medical detox, because detoxing at home can be life-threatening and result in a higher likelihood of relapse. Our clinical staff carefully assesses each client to specify which drugs and or alcohol cause your addiction(s) to select the most fitting detox treatments. Our doctors, nurses, and therapists are well-qualified and continuously assess patients for varying and fresh withdrawal signs, to provide comfortable addiction detox treatments. Your team works together around the clock to provide safe & effective detox treatment. Providing the highest medical care to ensure you or your loved one is positioned for recovery success.

Are you seeking an exceptional inpatient drug rehab and or alcohol rehabdetox center, and dual diagnosis treatment programs that are second to none? The We Level Up addiction treatment centers seamlessly integrate cutting-edge innovative therapy programs to produce superior addiction recovery care.

The We Level Up treatment center addiction recovery programs encompass multiple levels of care. Intensive addiction recovery therapy arms clients with vital coping skills and techniques required to live an addiction-free life sober of the despair of drug and alcohol abuse.

Set in multi-state recovery campuses within a comfortable driving span to over half of the nation’s major cities. Clients are invited to join our national mental health & recovery centers located in a serene oasis perfect for inpatient treatment away from the negative stresses & triggers at home.

Intensive therapies for depression, anxiety, OCD to secondary substance abuse disorder are provided in state-of-the-art renovated campuses by well-versed specialists. We Level Up combines primary mental health dual diagnosis therapeutic programs with care for secondary disorders like alcoholism treatment.

Providing world-class science-based mental health & substance abuse treatment with amenities, recovery activities, and recreational therapy to improve recovery outcomes. Client behavioral & addiction treatment is supported by top-notch onsite clinical, nursing, and behavioral techs teams, 24 hours, 7 days a week with amenities & recovery activities such as:

  • Updated, stylish tranquil living areas, bedrooms & bathrooms.
  • Multiple restful lounges, group meeting spaces.
  • Modern Fitness / yoga / exercise facilities.
  • Air hockey, large screen TV, private offices.
  • Indoor / outdoor reflection & meditation areas.
  • Nutritious, classical chef-prepared meals. Dining room and treatment center cafe (varies by We Level Up locations).
  • Outdoor spaces and recovery activities.
  • One-on-one counseling.
  • Integrated family therapy program.
  • Peer support community areas.
  • TV in every bedroom.

Therapy programs, amenities & activities vary by facility. Call to learn more.

As part of our culture of exceptional patient care, we are committed to providing first-class addiction rehabilitation and mental health treatment centers hospitality.

The We Level Up rehab center treatment team is attentive, skilled & well-trained to provide high-quality care for all aspects of detox, alcohol & drug rehab & behavioral health therapy. Patients receive around-the-clock care to ensure they are comfortable and advancing in their recovery program. The clinical teams enjoy ongoing training and instruction allowing for improved patient services. Recovery treatment is custom-tailored to clients’ individualized cases and personal situations.

Licensed accredited treatment center teams deliver diverse integrated rehabilitation therapy programs. To provide the critical treatment needed by clients to enjoy exceptional and thorough recovery treatment. The combinations of treatments applied for each client are customized to their individualized needs.

If you or someone you care about has been struggling with addiction issues or mental health problems, don’t hesitate to get help.

Intense therapies that you can trust are backed by a track record of success in applying effective recovery programs. Each inpatient treatment plan includes proven evidence-based recovery therapies.

Holistic Addiction & Mental Health Treatment Programs

Providing a holistic approach to addiction & mental health rehab treatment at multiple levels from detox to rehab and beyond. Complete treatment programs for mind, body & spirit.

Integrated Dual-Diagnosis Programs

A critical element of recovery success is treating not only substance abuse but its behavioral health co-occurring disorders. These are the underlying correlated mental health triggers for addiction. We first create a treatment plan that addresses the physical aspects of withdrawal & medical detox. Thereafter we treat the psychological connection to substance abuse, via underlying mental health therapy. Treating the entirety of all co-occurring disorders is a crucial part of setting clients up for recovery success.

At the We Level Up drug and alcohol addiction treatment centers, our goal is to deliver top-notch addiction treatment for anyone seeking sobriety recovery help through dual diagnosis mental health therapy programs. If you do not have addiction or mental health rehab insurance reach out to learn about alternative treatment and payment plan options for you or a loved one.


Our Mission

Providing you with a map back to your fullest most authentic potential so you can choose a dream without limitations.

So tell me this, what can’t you do?

Our Key Values

The Mission of the We Level Up Treatment Centers National Addiction Rehab, Detox & Mental Health Recovery Network is to free patients from addiction


Exercise the power of choosing to stay true to yourself.

The Mission of the We Level Up Treatment Centers National Addiction Rehab, Detox & Mental Health Recovery Network is to provide patients with support groups and a sense of community


When you take part of a group with a vision bigger than yourself, you can overcome any obstacle.

The Mission of the We Level Up Treatment Centers National Addiction Rehab, Detox & Mental Health Recovery Network is to be accountable for patient sobriety programs


No matter what life throws at you, you show up and find a solution.

The Mission of the We Level Up Treatment Centers National Addiction Rehab, Detox & Mental Health Recovery Network is to enable patients to cope and accept their recovery journey


Commit to self-love and trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be.

Get Your Life Back.

End the addiction pain. End the emotional rollercoaster. Get your life back. Start drug, alcohol & dual diagnosis mental health treatment now.

Get free no-obligation guidance by substance abuse specialists who understand addiction & mental health recovery & know how to help.