Telemedicine Therapy Services & Benefits at We Level Up Treatment Center

Telemedicine Therapy, Telehealth Addiction Treatment, How Does It Work & Benefits. Discover a New Standard of Care with We Level Up Treatment Center Telemedicine Therapy Services & Benefits. Experience a cutting-edge approach to overcoming substance abuse right from the comfort of your own home. Our Telemedicine Therapy and Telehealth Addiction Treatment is revolutionizing the way we approach addiction recovery.

Telemedicine Therapy: Telehealth Mental Health and Telehealth Addiction Treatment

Experience premier Florida outpatient telehealth therapy for substance abuse at We Level Up Treatment Center. Discover our range of outpatient telehealth addiction treatments tailored to your needs. Call us to find out more. We also offer inpatient substance abuse treatment, as well as co-occurring dual-diagnosis mental health programs. At We Level Up, we believe in treating the entirety of addiction and behavioral health disorders, including secondary linked illnesses, to ensure better long-term recovery outcomes. In addition to outpatient teletherapy, we provide outside PHP care levels. Find the support you need with We Level Up Treatment Center’s telehealth outpatient therapy.

Meet Our Alumni, Family, and Outpatient Telehealth Addiction Treatment (IOP and OP via Telemedicine) Team!

Katie Dalo-Cousins
Alumni Director

Katie has a Bachelors Degree in Education and Psychology and a Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work, where her focus was predominantly on the cycle of trauma within family systems. She is also a Certified Life Coach.

Katie has been working in the mental/behavioral health field for twelve years and has taken on many roles when working with individuals in recovery. Her experience ranges from an admissions counselor, case manager, aftercare coordinator, and primary therapist to the National Director of Alumni Services for two additional behavioral health organizations.

Katie has a personal stake in the addiction field, as she has lost many family members to the disease of addiction and feels that individuals that work towards an authentic life in recovery are some of the most courageous people that thrive in our world.  She is a passionate and enthusiastic professional that loves to empower those that may need someone to walk with them on their journey and she is compelled to reduce the uneducated stigma of addiction in our country.

Katie loves to spend time with her family; her husband, two young sons, and two pit bulls, she is a collegiate athlete and never passes up going on new adventures!

Work Cell Phone Number: 954.832.5336


Farah Gutierrez
Alumni Coordinator

My name is Farah Gutierrez, I am originally from Stoughton Mass, and I moved to south Florida in 2009. I started working in the substance use and mental health field as a behavioral health technician 4 years ago because I wanted to make a difference in people's lives.  Over time,  I grew slowly from behavioral health tech to a supervisor and then moved to the Director of Operations role at a Florida-based detox/residential.  I learned quickly that I wanted to be more involved in directly impacting the patients’ lives, so I moved into the alumni/outreach department. I am now providing direct services to our patients on a daily basis in the forms of check-in, support, crisis intervention, and coordinating alumni meetings and events.

I am currently working on my CAC to gain more knowledge and insight into the disease of addiction and I plan on continuing my work in this field, long-term, in order to break the stigma. My goal is to show our patients the importance and the power of community, that they are not alone, how to make new healthy, long-term relationships, and to aid in repairing old ones that may have been damaged.

I love doing what I do because I thrive on seeing and hearing our alumni's progress.  I am proud of the ways they are helping other people and I am constantly reminded of how what we do makes a difference in not only their lives but all those they touch as well.

Farah’s title is Alumni Coordinator; Florida region

Work cell: 954.892.0985


Alison Parente
I am a skilled and passionate clinician who has worked in the field for over seven years, providing individual (one-on-one) and couples counseling (you and your partner). I utilize evidence-based practices specializing in treating anxiety, depression, codependency, family/relational dysfunction, infidelity, and addiction. I am also trained in Accelerated Resolution Therapy (trauma/PTSD modality) and am experienced in working with veterans and first responders.

Uncover a healthier and brighter future with our free telehealth behavioral health assessment. Discover the optimal telehealth outpatient drug rehabilitation or alcohol recovery options tailored to meet your unique needs. Reach out to us today for outpatient telehealth addiction treatments, including intensive outpatient program (IOP) and outpatient (OP) services, all delivered via telehealth behavioral health specialists. Find powerful telehealth mental health treatments. We offer evidence-based therapy solutions to assist you on your recovery journey. Our team of dedicated behavioral telehealth therapists can support your wellness journey.

Telehealth Therapy Meaning

“Telehealth” is another term to describe these virtual healthcare services.  For some, the term telemedicine refers specifically to the medical or clinical use of technology.  In contrast, telehealth refers more broadly to various virtual healthcare services, online therapy, outpatient programs, and telemedicine solutions increasingly available to consumers.  Telemedicine is also commonly called e-health, digital medicine, and virtual care.

Consider addiction telemedicine programs if attending a treatment program in person is inconvenient, impractical, or impossible for yourself or a loved one.  We Level Up offers outpatient telehealth alcohol treatment and drug addiction therapy along with co-occurring mental health conditions.

What is Telehealth Addiction Treatment?

We Level Up Treatment Center uses technology to deliver healthcare services. Our telehealth addiction treatment eliminates the need for travel. This innovative approach includes smartphone-based services, videoconferencing, texting, and computer or table applications. It is also called telemedicine, e-health, digital medicine, and virtual care. With online addiction telemedicine outpatient programs, clients and their families now have access to a range of virtual healthcare services, from telehealth alcohol treatment and more. So, look forward to ending long commutes and welcoming convenient, effective telehealth addiction treatment.

Here is what you need to know about the accessibility and effectiveness of telehealth addiction treatment services.  First, at We Level Up, we offer addiction telemedicine for outpatient services exclusively.  Our addiction telemedicine service is a HIPAA-compliant video conferencing system that allows patients to have one-on-one video conference-based visits with their therapists and supporting staff.

What are the benefits of addiction telemedicine treatment?
  • Case management services.
  • Outpatient continued care and evaluation.
  • Individual counseling.
  • Family counseling.
  • Addiction education.
  • Intervention services.
  • Monitoring.
Telemedicine therapy treatment for substance abuse and mental health treatment includes:
  • Free biopsychosocial assessment upon admission
  • Services are offered up to three times weekly (subject to change).
  • Operating telemedicine sessions are available during evening hours.

Call for Outpatient telehealth addiction treatment (IOP and OP via Telemedicine) and telehealth mental health treatment therapy. Our behavioral telehealth therapists stand ready to help.

Top-rated We Level Up Telemedicine therapy addiction treatment offers telehealth alcohol treatment with comprehensive telehealth behavioral health services.
Top-rated We Level Up Addiction Treatment Center offers telehealth alcohol treatment with comprehensive telehealth behavioral health services.

Programs, services, and treatments vary. We Level Up outpatient rehab centers offer telehealth addiction treatment and more intense in-person inpatient substance abuse treatment coupled with co-occurring dual-diagnosis programs. Presently, our telehealth alcohol treatment sessions are provided during more convenient hours for the vast majority of clients. Through addiction telemedicine, we seek to treat the entirety of addiction and behavioral health disorders, including their secondary corresponding illnesses, to improve long-term recovery outcomes. Get a free telehealth addiction treatment assessment and determine the most appropriate treatment therapies. Call to learn more.

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Get Direct Access to Telehealth Addiction Treatment

Experience a new level of addiction telemedicine accessibility with online platforms like those coming soon to We Level Up Treatment Center. Our innovative platform will connect you with your care specialists and provide a convenient communication portal to message your counselor, therapist, care concierge, and doctor.

Importance Of Addiction Telemedicine Therapy

  • Telemedicine brings cutting-edge treatment to all:  Conventional medicine can be seen as one-size-fits-all.  Telehealth addiction treatment can serve a wide range of individuals while accommodating varied schedules. Addiction telemedicine services are vital for those who wouldn’t otherwise have access to quality care.
  • Quick access to the care you need: Telemedicine, like telehealth alcohol detox, provides fast patient treatment. Telehealth detox can connect patients with the first available doctor within the system for withdrawal symptoms.  Telemedicine therapy helps to minimize wait times. Instead of waiting and searching to find the first in-office available doctor in your area, telemedicine lets you see the first available doctor.
  • Control your time with your doctor:  Telemedicine is perfect for patients looking for quick visits and those who don’t get enough time with their doctors. 

Discover Holistic Telehealth Addiction Treatment from the Comfort of Your Home

Through telehealth addiction treatment, you can establish a meaningful connection with your therapist, peers, and counselors without stepping foot in a sterile office. Experience the benefits of patient-centered care from the comfort of your own home.

Access Quality Telehealth Addiction Treatment Anywhere, Anytime

Don’t let geographical limitations hold you back from accessing the best telehealth addiction treatment for your needs. With addiction telemedicine, you can receive top-notch therapy regardless of your location. Say goodbye to limited options and embrace a new era of accessible and high-quality care.

Choose We Level Up Treatment Center outpatient telehealth addiction treatment and revolutionize your recovery journey.

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How Does Virtual Healthcare Work?

Telehealth therapy addiction treatment delivery and care management have evolved dramatically over the years.  Virtual healthcare delivery varies by the types of services the patient needs. Device and digital technology access in the home environment also affects telemedicine therapy capability. Two of the most common forms of telemedicine include:

We Level Up Treatment Center is revolutionizing the way we approach addiction recovery.
We Level Up Treatment Center is revolutionizing the way we approach addiction recovery.
  • Patient portals:  Most medical and healthcare providers offer digital care management through patient portals accessed via the web. 
  • Virtual appointments: Video conferences are typically conducted from the patient’s home.  Still, in some situations, the patient might be required to drive to the clinic or office for a virtual appointment with a specialist. 

Discover a New Standard of Care with We Level Up Treatment Center Telemedicine Therapy Services & Benefits. Experience a cutting-edge approach to overcoming substance abuse from the comfort of your home.

Telemedicine Therapy Addiction Treatment Services

Telemedicine services were created to provide patient care in remote or rural communities or areas where certain medical or specialized care types were unavailable.  In addition, some telemedicine solutions were developed to reach people with mobility or transportation challenges.  Today, telemedicine solutions provide convenient, patient-centered health care for many medical and mental health needs.

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How Many Patients Use Telemedicine?

According to the American Hospital Association [1], 76 percent of U.S. hospitals connect with patients and consulting practitioners at a distance through video and other mobile or web technology.  But according to a J.D. Power pulse survey, only 9.6% of Americans have used telehealth services.  Furthermore, nearly 75% of those surveyed responded that they either do not have access to telemedicine options or are unaware of virtual health services.

Online Therapy Addiction & Mental Health Treatment Cost

The cost of online telemedicine addiction and mental health therapy or online counseling depends on the health care provider and the services needed.  Consider that costs associated with online therapy sessions could also include medications prescribed and other expenses.  Generally, telehealth services are less expensive than a typical office visit. 

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Needed For Telemedicine Therapy Addiction & Mental Health Treatment

  • A cell phone or laptop with a camera to operate Zoom software in which you can download for free from your web browser
  • Internet access to connect the application
  • Log-in credentials provided by your therapist, who will assist you with connecting

Where Can I Find Telehealth Treatment for Substance Abuse?

We Level Up presently offers telehealth addiction treatment options for individuals needing an outpatient level of addiction treatment (compared with an on-site residential or inpatient treatment program) in Florida. Our insurance-eligible inpatient treatment programs use HIPAA-compliant technology platforms to ensure patient accessibility and privacy. 

Elevate Your Wellbeing with We Level Up Treatment Center’s Video Therapy Services! Discover endless possibilities with our advanced virtual therapy platform. Our Telehealth Addiction Treatment solutions ensure access to top-notch therapy anytime, anywhere. The process is simple, accessible, and packed, with remarkable benefits. So why wait? Choose us for a holistic healing journey from the comfort of your home. Call now. Your call is private and confidential. Get a free insurance check. There is never any obligation.

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