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Discover comprehensive care at We Level Up Treatment Centers' inpatient rehab. Our accredited facilities provide personalized treatment for mental health and substance use disorders. With expert staff and evidence-based practices, we ensure a supportive environment for lasting recovery. Contact us today.

Struggling with mental health and battling addiction are not times you should be alone. We Level Up Treatment Centers offer safe places where you can find professional treatment, support, and peace. When you enter our facilities, you get inpatient rehab and a holistic approach to all your substance abuse and mental health struggles. We provide medical detox, use evidence-based therapies, and combine them with nutritional counseling and mindfulness techniques, such as yoga and meditation, to ensure complete 24/7 supervision and care.

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Our caring staff will create a personalized treatment plan just for you, according to your needs, preferences, and circumstances. You will let go of the burden of addiction, trauma, grief, or mental illness. Contact We Level Up Treatment Centers, and we will help you heal from anything that takes control of your life. Join our inpatient rehabs and become free again.

What Is Inpatient Rehab?

Inpatient rehab, sometimes called residential rehab, is a treatment method that is most likely to help patients overcome alcoholism and drug addiction and maintain long-term sobriety. A patient stays overnight at a facility to allow for more observation and assistance. Generally, it takes more than one overnight stay to treat. Therefore, these programs range from 30-90 days in length.

Is Inpatient Rehabilitation For You?

Inpatient and outpatient treatments fit anyone seeking help with alcohol or drug addiction, but certain factors solidify inpatient as the best option. For people with co-occurring mental health conditions or dual diagnoses (like depression, bipolar, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and other mental health issues combined with substance use disorder), being able to personalize treatment can be extremely helpful. Specialists at our facilities can treat addiction and mental health simultaneously. It is also highly recommended that people with heart, liver, or breathing issues in their medical history receive inpatient treatment. That way, physicians can closely monitor any signs of different health problems if they occur.

Inpatient rehab could be a better choice than outpatient rehab for you if:

You'll get the intensive care and support you need for addiction or mental health issues at an inpatient rehab facility. It is the highest level of care available.

  • Your addiction is strong or long-standing. Inpatient rehab provides intense care that might be just what you need to start your recovery.
  • Outpatient treatment hasn’t worked for you. If you’ve tried other treatments with little success, inpatient rehab offers a more structured and focused environment.
  • You need a break from daily triggers. Inpatient rehab removes you from the environments and situations that contribute to your substance use.
  • You need medical help to detox. If detoxing is likely to be physically challenging or dangerous, inpatient rehab offers the medical oversight necessary to do it safely.
  • You’re dealing with addiction and mental health issues. Our inpatient facilities are well-equipped to handle dual diagnoses, treating both your mental health and addiction together.
  • Your home environment isn’t supportive. If your current living situation doesn’t support your recovery, inpatient rehab provides a supportive community and professional assistance.
  • You need to focus completely on getting better. Inpatient rehab allows you to concentrate solely on your recovery without the distractions of everyday life.
  • You want access to various therapies. Our programs offer a wide range of therapeutic options customized to meet your specific needs, from one-on-one therapy to holistic treatments.

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Even if you have failed previously and relapsed, or are in the middle of a difficult crisis, we stand ready to support you. Our trusted behavioral health specialists will not give up on you. When you feel ready or just want someone to speak to about therapy alternatives to change your life call us. Even if we cannot assist you, we will lead you to wherever you can get support. There is no obligation. Call our hotline today.

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Why Choose Inpatient Rehabs at We Level Up Treatment Centers

Inpatient rehab will help you in many ways. Some of the benefits of inpatient rehab are:

  • Medical support: Withdrawal symptoms can sometimes be life-threatening. Medical staff members are trained to handle these situations and treat what they can. 
  • Round-the-Clock Supervision: Inpatient rehab offers 24/7 supervision and support from trained professionals. This ensures that individuals receive immediate medical attention or assistance whenever needed, especially during the detoxification process or during a mental health crisis.
  • Structured programming: Inpatient rehab is a structured environment. Rehab programs have structured days and weeks to help return people to a healthy way of life.
  • Nutritional support: Meals in inpatient rehab will be designed for the nutritional needs of the person detoxing. Alcohol detox requires a diet high in thiamine and other vitamins. 
  • Sense of community: Many people in rehab are going through similar experiences of addiction. Group therapy sessions help build support systems that encourage continued recovery.
  • Establishing healthy boundaries: A person living with a substance use disorder may have never established healthy boundaries. Rehab helps to build those boundaries and gives a person the tools to maintain them after discharge.
  • Forming new healthy habits: One of the real benefits of inpatient rehab is that it helps build new healthy habits to replace ineffective ones. Addiction thrives in environments that encourage it, like friends who binge drink. Rehab helps people build new and healthy relationships and activities without substance involvement.
A doctor explaining to a patient that We Level Up offers inpatient rehab for substance abuse disorders, including co-occurring disorders, medical detox, and mental health therapy. Services vary by facility.
We offer inpatient rehab for substance abuse disorders, including co-occurring disorders, medical detox, and mental health therapy. Services vary by facility. Call to learn more.

Get a Safe, Medically Assisted Detox

A progressive detox treatment program can represent a fresh start in life and the foundation for a successful recovery.  We Level Up detox treatment utilizes the latest evidence-based resources to make detoxification as safe, comfortable, and effective as possible.

Instead of adhering to an outdated abstinence model, we offer medication-assisted detox to help relieve withdrawal symptoms, giving our clients an optimal chance at success.  Our clients benefit from the best detox treatments with a staff of experts to provide encouragement and motivation

We provide:

Dual Diagnosis Inpatient Rehab Programs

We offer treatment for co-occurring or dual-diagnosis mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, personality disorders, and eating disorders coupled with addictions. Treating mental health disorders and substance use disorders simultaneously often leads to better outcomes in recovery.

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Get Your Life Back

Find Hope & Recovery. Get Safe Comfortable Detox, Addiction Rehab & Dual Diagnosis High-Quality Care.

Hotline(844) 597-1011

Types of Inpatient Rehab Treatment

At We Level Up Treatment Centers, we have inpatient rehab treatments for alcohol, drugs, and mental health.

Inpatient Alcohol Rehab

Inpatient alcohol rehab is an intensive form of treatment for people with alcoholism. It involves a stay at a residential facility where patients receive 24-hour medical supervision and can focus on their recovery without the outside distractions of daily life. During our alcohol rehabs, clients participate in individual counseling, group therapy, addiction education classes, and relapse prevention strategies. Additionally, they attend to their physical and emotional needs through medical care, nutritional counseling, exercise, and recreational activities.

There are many people in the US struggling with alcohol abuse, as shown by the 2022 National Survey on Drug Use and Health. 29.5 million Americans had an alcohol use disorder (AUD) in 2022.

If you are facing severe alcohol dependence and cannot manage to stay sober, you need help from inpatient alcohol rehabs. Inpatient rehab at our center is a place for you to manage withdrawal symptoms safely and to successfully quit using alcohol after failing to do it in the past. Besides physical dependence, we will take your emotional challenges into consideration and help you solve the root of your addiction issue.

Inpatient Drug Rehab 

Are you or a loved one struggling with an addiction to drugs? If so, it may be time to consider inpatient drug rehab. This treatment program provides comprehensive care and support for individuals seeking long-term sobriety.

Drug inpatient rehab is typically the most intensive form of addiction treatment available. It requires that a person remains in the rehab facility for their program, providing 24-hour care and supervision. During this time, individuals will undergo medical detox, participate in therapy sessions, and receive education about addiction and recovery.

In 2022, 27.2 million people in the US had a drug use disorder. Inpatient drug rehabs are ideal if you have a strong dependency on drugs, whether they’re prescription medications, opioids, or illicit substances. It’s a good fit if you’ve tried other treatments that haven’t helped or if you’re in an environment that makes it hard to stay drug-free. At our drug rehab centers, you will get the around-the-clock care and support needed to detox and start healing safely.

Inpatient Mental Health 

Inpatient mental health is provided in a monitored setting with 24-hour round-the-clock care. This type of treatment provides a structured environment with the help of professional staff and resources to ensure that individuals receive the best possible treatment for their mental health issues. If you or someone you love is struggling with mental health problems, inpatient care may be the best option to get lasting and effective relief.

A report from 2022 shows us that almost 1 in 4 adults aged 18 or older had any mental illness (AMI) in the previous year. This means 59.3 million people in the US.

If you are coping with mental health issues that require you to get guidance from professionals or intensive treatment, you need inpatient rehab. If you feel like you are posing a risk to yourself or others, this option is for you. Here, you will get to work on your mental health in a structured environment, which is created to get you to focus solely on getting better.

What Is the Best Inpatient Rehab Near Me?

To find inpatient rehabs near you, you should:

  • Search online. Type in your search bar things like “inpatient rehab near me” or “inpatient drug rehabs near me”. Search engines will provide a list of rehab facilities in your area.
  • Use directories. Find directories specific to addiction treatment or mental health services. These directories often provide comprehensive information about inpatient rehabs, including their location, services offered, and user reviews.
  • Seek referrals and recommendations. Talk to healthcare professionals, such as doctors, therapists, or counselors. They can offer insights into reputable inpatient rehab facilities in your area and recommend programs that match your specific needs.
  • Contact your insurance provider. Contact your insurance provider and request a list of in-network inpatient rehab centers. This way, you can find facilities covered by your insurance, minimizing out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Attend support groups. Join local support group meetings or contact organizations like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) or Narcotics Anonymous (NA). Members of these groups may know nearby inpatient rehab centers and can provide recommendations based on their personal experiences.
A person looking for inpatient rehabs online
Find the ideal inpatient rehab.

What to Look For?

Once you have compiled a list of potential inpatient rehabs, consider the following factors:

  1. Accreditation and licensing: Ensure that a reputable organization accredits your chosen facility and has the proper licensing. This indicates that the rehab center meets specific quality standards and adheres to industry best practices. Choosing We Level Up Treatment Centers means you don’t have to worry about this step.
  2. Treatment approach: Look for a rehab center that aligns with your treatment goals and preferences. Different facilities may offer a range of addiction treatment programs, such as 12-step programs, cognitive-behavioral therapy, or holistic approaches. Choose one that resonates with your needs.
  3. Facilities and amenities: Consider the facilities and amenities offered at the rehab center. This may include comfortable accommodations, recreational activities, fitness facilities, and counseling rooms. The environment should be conducive to your recovery and overall well-being.
  4. Staff expertise: Assess the qualifications and experience of the staff members, including doctors, therapists, and counselors. Ensure they have the expertise and credentials to provide effective treatment and support.
  5. Cost: Inpatient rehab can be costly, so consider the out-of-pocket cost involved. Review your insurance coverage and payment options provided by the facility. Additionally, inquire about any potential additional expenses not covered by insurance.

Benefits of We Level Up Inpatient Rehab Programs

Inpatient Rehab has long been recognized as a critical link to long-term recovery success.
Inpatient Rehab has long been recognized as a critical link to long-term recovery success.

Our inpatient rehab facilities are accredited dual diagnosis treatment centers, ensuring high-quality standards and professional care. As a Gold Seal Recipient, We Level Up Treatment Centers are regularly checked to guarantee top-notch services and treatments. Our accredited status means we employ skilled professionals, providing patients with access to specialized doctors, therapists, and support staff for personalized treatment.

At our inpatient rehab centers, you will get experience that can help you change your life. You will be in a supportive environment and won’t have to deal with triggers and distractions. With round-the-clock supervision from trained professionals, you’ll receive immediate attention and medical support during detox or a mental health crisis. Rest easy knowing help is always there.

Inpatient rehab offers many personalized services addressing your needs. We’ve covered you from therapy and medication management to holistic approaches and life skills training. Get the comprehensive support you deserve.

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Our Treatment Centers

At We Level Up network, we provide luxurious amenities, world-class treatment programs, and a team that guides you and your family toward a long-term recovery.

inpatient rehab

We Level Up Tamarac FL

Premier Behavioral Health Treatment Center

Licensed & Accredited w/ 5-star reviews.
  • Inpatient mental health treatment center
  • Therapy for depression, anxiety, trauma, bipolar disorder, PTSD, and more.
  • Dual diagnosis rehab programs available
We Level Up Tamarac FL
inpatient rehab

We Level Up West Palm Beach

Premier Behavioral Health Treatment Center

Licensed & Accredited.
  • Inpatient mental health treatment center
  • Therapy for depression, anxiety, trauma, bipolar disorder, PTSD, and more.
  • Dual diagnosis rehab programs available
We Level Up West Palm Beach
inpatient rehab

We Level Up Lake Worth

Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center w/Detox

Licensed & Accredited w/ 5-star reviews.
  • Inpatient addiction rehab center w/medical detox
  • Addiction treatment and detox for alcohol, benzo, heroin, opioid, and more.
  • Secondary mental health treatment available as part of our dual diagnosis programs.
We Level Up Lake Worth FL
  • We Level Up Lake Worth (9935 Palomino Drive, Lake Worth) – this center is a haven for individuals seeking comprehensive care in Florida. It offers everything from alcohol and drug detox to dual diagnosis and mental health treatments, enriched with a variety of therapeutic and recreational activities.
  • We Level Up Tamarac / Fort Lauderdale (8290 N University Drive, Tamarac) – this facility is renowned for its focus on mental health, treating conditions like depression, anxiety, and trauma with cutting-edge therapies and dual diagnosis care. This center serves patients from Tamarac and Fort Lauderdale but it is also a prominent choice for many out-of-state individuals seeking treatment.
  • We Level Up New Jersey (276 Bakers Basin Rd, Lawrenceville) – it specializes in dual-diagnosis treatments and provides a robust array of services for those dealing with alcohol addiction, supported by comprehensive family and alumni programs.
  • We Level Up California (31631 Auto Center Drive, Lake Elsinore) – this upscale facility focuses on providing a calming environment for recovery from alcohol addiction and dual diagnosis treatments, offering programs that cater to executives as well.
  • We Level Up Washington (Spokane Valley at 14114 E 3rd Ave) – dedicated to treating a broad spectrum of mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, and mood disorders, all within a state-of-the-art behavioral health setting.
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We Level Up New Jersey

Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center w/Detox

Licensed & Accredited w/ 5-star reviews.
  • Inpatient addiction rehab center w/medical detox
  • Addiction treatment and detox for alcohol, benzo, heroin, opioid, and more.
  • Secondary mental health treatment available as part of our dual diagnosis programs.
We Level Up Lawrenceville NJ
inpatient rehab

We Level Up Washington

Premier Behavioral Health Treatment Center

Licensed & Accredited w/ 5-star reviews.
  • Inpatient mental health treatment center
  • Therapy for depression, anxiety, trauma, bipolar disorder, PTSD, and more.
  • Dual diagnosis rehab programs available
We Level Up Washington
inpatient rehab

We Level Up California

Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment Center w/Detox

Licensed & Accredited w/ 5-star reviews.
  • Inpatient addiction rehab center w/medical detox
  • Addiction treatment and detox for alcohol, benzo, heroin, opioid, and more.
  • Secondary mental health treatment available as part of our dual diagnosis programs.
We Level Up California

What Happens In a Typical Day at Inpatient Rehab

After you are finished with admission and medical detoxification (which can last up to several days), your days begin with some personal time to get ready. We give importance to how you nurture your body, so you will have a healthy breakfast. This is a quiet time to mentally prepare for the day’s sessions.

During the day, you will join group therapy sessions. Here, you will share experiences, get support from your peers and talk about your recovery. Besides that, you will have regular individual therapy sessions with a trained counselor. These will be more personal and focused on you solely.

Every day, you will be educated on addiction and recovery. Our inpatient rehab centers provide education about the science of addiction and resources to help individuals stay on track with their recovery. This includes information on relapse prevention, healthy coping skills, nutrition, and more.

Also, you will participate in specialized therapeutic activities. These could include art therapy, music therapy, or cognitive-behavioral therapy. Physical activity will be a part of your day. This benefits both physical and mental health. Activities might include yoga, walking, or other gentle exercises.

The day usually ends with some free time that allows you to relax, engage in hobbies, or simply reflect. This time is important for personal growth and relaxation. You will also learn how a healthy bedtime routine looks and why you need to get adequate rest to support your recovery.

A therapist talking to patients during inpatient rehab
We Level Up inpatient rehab centers offer comprehensive co-occurring diagnosis treatment for improved recovery outcomes.

Therapeutic Approaches

Inpatient rehab programs include different approaches because we want you to understand why you became addicted, learn how to handle difficult situations, and plan for a stable recovery.

  • Medical treatment: Inpatient treatment involves medical care to support you further as you take your first steps in recovery. Medical care is valuable because addiction and dependence impact physical health. For example, alcohol can cause seizures during withdrawal, so medical staff must be trained to handle episodes. An intravenous (IV) drug user might need to be screened for HIV, Hepatitis B, and C. Medical care in the inpatient rehab setting is sometimes the first treatment people have gotten in years.
  • Withdrawal management: The time frame depends on the drug of abuse, the amount used, how long the abuse took place, and many other personal factors. Clinical care in inpatients helps mitigate negative side effects as a person faces lingering withdrawal symptoms.
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT): CBT helps you recognize and change negative thoughts and behaviors. It’s particularly good for dealing with addiction and can also help if you’re struggling with depression or anxiety.
  • Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT): DBT is great for managing intense emotions and improving relationships. It’s especially helpful if you struggle with emotional swings and is often used for treating personality disorders along with addiction.
  • Motivational interviewing (MI): MI boosts your desire to change by helping you explore and resolve mixed feelings about recovery. It’s a gentle way that encourages you to talk about why you want to change and make your own plans to do so.
  • Group therapy: In group therapy, you’ll share and hear others’ experiences, which can make you feel supported and less alone. It’s also a chance to learn social skills and build a network of peers who are also working toward recovery.
  • Family therapy: Many rehab programs include family therapy because healing relationships can be key to successful recovery. It brings your family into the process, teaches them about addiction, and shows them how they can support you.
  • Holistic therapies: These might include yoga, meditation, art therapy, or even working with animals like horses. Holistic therapies aim to heal your mind and body, reduce stress, and improve your overall well-being.
  • Recreational therapy: In inpatient care, you can access a range of recreational amenities to improve your physical and mental health. Amenities vary by facility but may include yoga or equine therapy, sports activities, etc.

Insurance and Payment Options

At We Level Up, we offer a free, no-obligation insurance check to help you understand your coverage for addiction and mental health treatment. Just contact us and we will do this quickly, let you know what to expect, and get you to begin your treatment without delay.

We accept most insurance plans:

  • Aetna
  • Beacon
  • Blue Cross
  • Carefirst
  • Cigna
  • Emblem
  • Horizon
  • Magellan
  • Premera
  • Regence
  • Tricare
  • And others
A father and a son hugging because We Level Up inpatient rehab centers offer comprehensive co-occurring diagnosis treatment for improved recovery outcomes.
Your insurance will cover some of the costs.

Besides insurance, we make sure financing your inpatient rehab treatment is not a big burden. We offer a variety of payment options to make our services accessible and affordable:

  • Personalized payment plans: To accommodate different financial situations, we provide personalized payment plans that allow for manageable monthly payments. These plans are tailored to your financial needs and are designed to make the cost of treatment more manageable.
  • Modern payment methods: In addition to traditional payment methods, we also accept cryptocurrencies, providing a modern, secure way to handle payment with added privacy.
  • Credit and debit cards: We accept major credit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover, for straightforward and secure transactions.

Our financial payments team is always available to help you understand your payment options and find the most suitable solution. If you need assistance, please reach out to us at or call our support line.

Aftercare Support

After completing an inpatient rehab program, we encourage you to explore personal coaching and development programs. These will be very beneficial because they will help you identify the barriers that hold you back in life, whether they’re related to your behavior, thoughts, or emotions. Also, these courses often focus on enhancing how you interact with others. Improved communication skills can lead to better relationships, both professionally and personally. Another thing you will learn here is how to set goals. That is an important skill. You will learn how to set goals that are realistic and that you can actually achieve.

Our affiliate company, We Level Up Personal Development LLC, provides personal development and coaching services independently from our treatment facilities. These services are separate from medically billable treatment programs and are specifically designed for individuals seeking voluntary ongoing growth and coaching support after completing their treatment with us.

Also, we offer you our alumni support program. It keeps you connected to a supportive recovery community and offers free aftercare planning. Regular get-togethers, workshops, and social events keep you engaged and offer continuous learning and personal growth opportunities. Our alumni community provides encouragement and understanding from others who share similar experiences. With our alumni support program, we equip you with tools and resources to maintain recovery and manage challenges.

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Ways to Reach Us

We’re here to help you anytime you need, day or night. Whether you have questions, need immediate assistance, or just want to explore your options, our team is always ready. You can:

  • Call us at (844) 597-1011. You can reach out to us 24/7.
  • Write us an email. Send it to info@backerwelevelup-com
  • Leave us your phone number, and we will call you.
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To learn about inpatient rehabs, call and talk to our friendly staff.

How to Start Your Recovery Process

When you first get in touch with us, we will connect you with an admissions coordinator. This expert will spend some time getting to know you or your loved one’s health and history over a brief call, which typically lasts between 15 to 30 minutes. This way, we will fully understand your needs from the start.

During our initial conversation, we will gather some information to check if your health insurance is accepted. Should there be any issues with insurance or if you have other preferences for payment, we will explore different payment alternatives and find an option that aligns with your financial circumstances.

After sorting out the details, you will meet your own treatment consultant. This person will handle all the logistics and make sure you can start your program without stress and doubts.

If you are coming from afar, we arrange transportation. We want to make sure you arrive safely and comfortably at our facility. Upon your arrival, our welcoming staff will meet you, wrap up any final admission details, and help you settle in. This is where your new life starts.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Inpatient Rehab

How long does inpatient rehab typically last?

The duration of inpatient rehab can vary depending on individual needs and the specific program. Generally, programs can last from 28 days to 90 days, but some may offer shorter or longer stays based on the treatment required.

What should I bring to inpatient rehab?

You should bring comfortable clothing, personal hygiene items that do not contain alcohol (such as toothpaste and shampoo), any current prescription medications, a form of identification, and insurance information. It’s also a good idea to bring a journal and a book for personal downtime. Avoid bringing valuables or large amounts of cash.

Can I have visitors during my stay in inpatient rehab?

Most inpatient rehab facilities have specific visiting hours and guidelines to ensure a safe and conducive environment for recovery. Visitors are usually allowed during designated times after the initial detox period, and facilities often require that visitors be approved in advance.

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