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Demerol Detox

Detox, Treatment, Therapy, and Withdrawl

Demerol, also known as Meperidine, is a prescription medication used to treat the symptoms of moderate to severe pain. Demerol belongs to a class of drugs called opiate analgesics. It may be used alone or with other medications. However, it is strongly advised that Demerol be used strictly as directed by your doctor. Taking it more often than needed or in higher doses than prescribed may lead to addiction requiring Demerol detox.

Demerol affects the brain by altering how your body feels and responds to pain. Demerol is not intended for long-term use. It should only be prescribed to treat sudden episodes of moderate to severe pain. Prolonged use or taking Demerol in higher doses than necessary can cause changes in your brain.

Demerol Detox Timeline

As Demerol affects our brain, long-term use results in changes to your brain’s functions. When changes occur, it is an indication that your brain has become dependent on the substance. At that point, you will experience symptoms of withdrawal when you stop using or cut back. Withdrawal could occur when you suddenly quit or reduce the amount of Demerol in your system. Demerol withdrawal symptoms are extremely painful and uncomfortable. Thus it is advised that detox be conducted under medical supervision to avoid risks associated with Demerol withdrawal.

Likewise, patients using the drug under prescriptions should also be reminded not to suddenly terminate the use of Demerol. Prior consultation with their doctor before ending the use of Demerol may be necessary to cope with or avoid withdrawal symptoms. Usually, your doctor will gradually lower the prescribed dose of Demerol you are taking give your body has enough time to adjust to less medication, and gradually return to normal.

Symptoms of Withdrawal include:

  • Hallucinations
  • Nausea
  • Loss of Breath
  • Muscle Pains
  • Insomnia
  • Vomiting
  • Restlessness
  • Sweating
  • Dry Mouth
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Running Eyes and Nose
  • Paranoia
  • Anxiety
  • Agitation
Demerol Detox
With proper medical knowledge, detox can be less trying

Duration of Withdrawal and Timeline

There are two phases of withdrawal that a user will experience during Demerol detox. These are acute withdrawal and post-acute withdrawal symptoms. The acute withdrawal is the first phase and usually occurs during the 3rd and 10th day of your last Demerol dose while the PAWS lasts longer, in some cases as long as 24 months, but the symptoms eventually fade as time passes by.

First 24 HoursThis is where irritating symptoms arise such as anxiety, nausea, physical discomfort, and irritability. You may also feel very strong urges which, if not properly addressed, could lead to relapse.
Days 2-5Expect your withdrawal symptoms to worsen. Some common symptoms that manifest during this phase are nausea, vomiting, nausea, sweating, and muscle aches.
Days 6-14The withdrawal symptoms are fading. The remaining symptoms are not that painful. PAWS is expected to begin during this phase.
Days 15-onwardsOther symptoms such as depression, mood swings, restlessness, inability to feel pleasure, poor concentration, decreased appetite, agitation, anxiety, lack of motivation and insomnia fade away. The urge to take the drug again may still persist.
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Demerol Detox

Detox is the first step in your treatment plan to overcome your Demerol addiction. This phase allows your body to flush out Demerol from your system and allow your body to recover so it can function normally again. Constant monitoring should be done to ensure a safe and comfortable process for the patient by relief and support to any symptoms that the patient is experiencing.

Depending on the degree of your dependence and addiction, detox may be done at home. It is recommended that detox be done in a residential treatment facility under medical supervision to avoid health complications.

Your doctor may choose to taper off your Demerol dosage during the conduct of the medical detox. Tapering is the gradual decrease of the prescribed dosage of Demerol to minimize or reduce symptoms of withdrawal. Sometimes, doctors use another equivalent substance to minimize the severity of your symptoms. Doctors could also prescribe other medications to ease the withdrawal process.

Treatment and Therapy for Demerol Drug Addiction

After completing the Demerol detox, it is highly recommended to attend further treatment and rehabilitation to help you completely overcome your Demerol addiction. Detox is just the first phase. Further treatment and rehabilitation are necessary for you to succeed in your recovery.

The following are some of the treatments available to you:
  • 12-step programs: The 12-step program is a 12-step plan in order to overcome addictions and compulsions. The basic premise of this model is that people can help one another achieve and maintain abstinence from substances of abuse, but that healing cannot come about unless people with addictions surrender to a higher power.
  • Individual therapy and counseling: Engaging in Individual therapy and counseling can further help in your recovery as this phase helps you address the emotional and psychological factors contributing to your addiction.
  • Group counseling: Group counseling involves interaction with other patients who are in a similar condition as you, including members your family. Group therapy provides additional and lets you learn and gives you the opportunity to express your support for each other.
  • Family Therapy. Provides counselling to the members of the patient’s family. It also educates them on proper support and relapose prevention. Family Therapy helps them improve their relationship and establishes effective communication skills to help them further understand each other.
  • Aftercare: Attending aftercare programs such as support groups, outpatient visits, counseling, and therapy is likewise important in completing your journey to recovery. Aftercare helps you identify triggers of your Soma addiction and provides you skills and information on how to avoid them, effectively preventing relapse.

If you are ready to face your Demerol addiction and turn your life around, We Level Up can help you. We offer excellent detox and treatment programs developed by our dedicated and well-trained professionals to help you recover in the safest and most comfortable way. Time to put your addiction behind you, call us today.