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Challenges of modern life significantly impact mental health, sometimes resulting in mental health disorders or addictions. Both groups of conditions are treatable and manageable, and usually, the most difficult part of it is recognizing you need help and finding reliable residential treatment centers to support you. Although there are many different levels of care, residential treatment is considered the most effective one as it offers a range of benefits no other level of care can provide.

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Let us introduce you to the residential treatment concept and help you determine whether this is the best solution for you. Learn the benefits and contact We Level Up Treatment Centers to get additional information and join one of the top residential treatment facilities.

Understanding Residential Rehab

Residential treatment is an approach to treating mental health disorders and substance addictions that implies staying within a facility for a prolonged period of time. It offers structure, 24/7 care, and medical assistance when needed. Patients follow up on a routine during their stay, get nutritious meals, and stay active. They become a part of a community and keep in touch with their family and friends who can visit them. 

Typically, residential treatment centers combine different types of therapies. We Level Up Network uses a holistic approach to empower the body, mind, and spirit. We do so by combining traditional and alternative approaches to mental health and treatment. We rely on individual and group psychotherapy, recovery coaching, and mindfulness. Our knowledgeable and authentically caring staff works on improving programs on an ongoing basis but expects dedication and engagement for the recovery program to work. 

Finally, residential treatments help with recovery and rehabilitation, as well as with acquiring skills, growing, and developing as a person. 

If you feel overwhelmed by addiction and mental health concerns, residential treatment can help you more appropriately manage symptoms and pursue recovery with the help of onsite staff. We Level Up Treatment Centers offer a residential rehabilitation treatment program both for substance use and mental health disorders. We can help patients address alcohol/drug addictions and mental health issues that can make existing treatment concerns more challenging to manage.

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Is Residential Treatment Right for You?

We Level Up residential treatment best accommodates adults 18+ who require treatment within a structured, inpatient setting. It contributes to personal healing and a strong sense of community and, as such, can be beneficial for anyone struggling with addiction or mental health problems. However, there are certain categories of clients who especially enjoy the benefits of residential substance abuse treatment and mental health residential inpatient programs.

  • Those who are more susceptible to experiencing substance withdrawal symptoms. 
  • People over the age of 60 as they struggle more with the detox phase of the treatment. 
  • Those who have relapsed.
  • Patients who have attempted less intense levels of treatments that were unsuccessful.
  • Individuals who struggle with both mental health issues and addiction problems at the same time. 
  • Patients who struggle with co-occurring addictions.
  • Clients who have medical conditions. 

Residential inpatient rehab is one of the most effective treatment options. It can help you regain, maintain, or improve the abilities you need for daily life. These abilities may be physical, mental, and/or cognitive (thinking and learning). 

Intensive mental health and addiction treatment will benefit patients who need help stabilizing symptoms and developing a treatment plan for managing life as it unfolds.

Comprehensive addiction recovery programs that suit your needs.

Why Choose Residential Rehabilitation?

Identifying the most effective treatment is an important decision for addicts, their loved ones, and their health professionals. Without a doubt, it can be a time of uncertainty and anxiety. But it is also a vital step to recovery. Many useful approaches exist, from community-based care to National Health Service programs to residential treatment centers.

Residential inpatient program is available for a wide variety of addictions in society – from substance addictions such as drugs and smoking to behavioral addictions such as gaming, pornography, and even shopping.

One of the biggest reasons to choose residential rehab programs is because they are typically more efficient in examining the underlying causes of an addict’s behavior. Consequently, patients come to terms with their illness and learn to create healthy strategies for coping once they leave the program. This is an essential element of change, leading to a long-term recovery.

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Residential Rehab Benefits & Treatment Options
Various residential rehab benefits & treatment options.

Some of the direct benefits of long-term residential treatment

  • Constant care: The availability of 24-hour on-site care, including a medical team, can offer an effective and comprehensive intensive care and treatment program. The National Treatment Agency report found that “the best-performing residential centers did most well with complex users who often do not benefit from cheaper community treatment.”
  • Removal of temptations: Opting for residential care and treatment means that patients are removed from the stresses and temptations of their usual life and routine. This is especially useful for patients whose every day lives may contribute to their harmful addictive behavior.
  • Time and space to recover: Having removed themselves from their usual everyday lives and personal situations, addicts can have valuable time and space to reconnect with themselves and come to terms with their addictive behavior. The intensive residential care provided allows patients to rediscover themselves physically and emotionally. A high-quality residential center, like the ones We Level Up Treatment Centers offer, provides a calm and attractive environment that helps people recover.
  • A positive environment: Residential care brings sustained contact with people who understand why you are there and who are all there to help addicts recover and work towards long-term recovery. Residential rehab centers often have integrated medical and counseling staff who can offer many types of support.
  • Specialist treatment programs: Residents who need it can take advantage of a medically supervised stabilization or detoxification program that removes physical dependence on harmful substances or behaviors.

When exploring residential treatment centers, keep in mind the benefits of residential treatment and ensure you´re getting access to a good quality residential treatment center – not only will you greatly increase your chances of success/long-term recovery, but you will have a better experience on your journey to being addiction-free.

Services We Provide

Every residential treatment plan is specifically tailored to individual concerns. We Level Up offers a unique, comprehensive approach to health and wellness, incorporating a variety of therapies and treatment modalities to provide the best care for the entire person. Most importantly, we recognize the importance of a virtual cycle of support that our clients deserve.

Medication-assisted detox

Detox is typically the first step in any addiction recovery program, aiming to cleanse the body from the substance a person is addicted to. When done as a part of residential treatment, it entails 24/7 monitoring and prescribing FDA-approved medicines to ease the withdrawal symptoms. Self-detoxification can be very unpleasant, and there is a high risk of relapse, which is why opting for a medication-assisted detox within reliable substance abuse treatment centers is recommendable.

Family support groups

To ensure a safe and welcoming environment once a person is out of the residential treatment center, as well as that family provides support rather than enabling dysfunctional behavior, there are family psychotherapies and support groups. The aim is to develop skills and empower families so they can help their loved ones in the long term. Family therapies often uncover underlying issues and help build better communication among family members.

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Residential treatment minimizes risks of relapse by offering 24/7 monitoring.

Addiction treatment

We are able to address a number of different addictions even when they co-occur, for which we have dual diagnosis treatments. Treating addiction usually involves a combination of different treatments that aim to recover the body and elevate the spirit. We help you build skills and determination to stay sober long-term. A therapist works with you to establish new behavioral patterns, and structured programs help you stay on track.

Mental health treatment

Everyone struggles with mental health at times, but when those problems become overwhelming and interfere with everyday functioning, seeking professional help is necessary. We Level Up Network offers therapies and treatment for a number of mental health disorders. We strive to offer high-quality, intensive treatment services that help patients avoid an immediate crisis, restore personal balance, repair relationships, and take steps toward protecting health and wellness.

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Disorders and Addictions We Treat

If you find it challenging to function because of any of the following issues, highly specialized clinical treatment through the We Level Up Program may be able to help.

Our residential treatment centers can also assist you with overcoming addictions:

Residential treatment is not limited to the mentioned mental health and addiction issues. We Level Up Treatment Centers help clients effectively manage a range of concerns to help them manage mental illness and SUDs through resources that help improve their quality of life.

How to Overcome Addiction with Our Programs

We run several residential rehab programs to help you overcome addiction and regain control of your life. Our programs are listed below, and each can be tailored to meet your needs. We don’t expect you to know exactly what you require, and that’s where we can help, whatever your current situation is.

  • Detoxification: Our team of experienced general nurses, nurse prescribers, mental health nurses, and health care assistants will medically assist you in easing the symptoms of withdrawal during detox. Most importantly, you’ll be monitored 24 hours.
  • Therapeutic Treatment Program: This compassion-focused and abstinence-based psychological program is designed to nurture your mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.
  • Extended Treatment: This is a great option for clients who have progressed through 12 weeks of therapeutic treatment. This program is designed as a stepping stone to living independently in the community.
  • Third Stage: Staff support is provided regularly, with weekly support groups and one-on-one advice, guidance, and counseling as required. In addition, staff provide telephone help 24/7.

Most residential treatment centers offer at least some of these programs, but what sets us apart and will help you overcome addiction with our programs is our dedication to individualizing each of these experiences. We consider your needs, circumstances, and preferences to tailor specific programs that address your body, mind, and spirit. Our holistic approach aims not just for recovery but also for growth and development

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Admission Process

You can easily secure the help you need through We Level Up Treatment Centers. Our admissions coordinators understand and have been where you are, and our admissions process is simple.

  • Call us to learn more about our residential treatment and other aspects of the rehab process. Your call is private and confidential, and there is never any obligation.
  • If you choose one of the We Level Up residential treatment centers for your rehabilitation journey, the first step will be a pre-admission assessment. The professional you will speak to will ask questions about your medical and mental health history, substance use history, and previous treatments if there were any. We collect this data to tailor your residential treatment program and ensure its success. 
  • The next step is an insurance check. We accept all major insurance, such as Blue Cross Blue Shield rehab coverage and Aetna rehab coverage. As they have different insurance plans, your stay with us could be fully or partially covered, and during our call, we can verify what your insurance plan covers. 
  • If your plan does not fully cover our residential treatment or you wish to take care of the treatment costs on your own, we can explore payment options with you. 
  • We will assign you a dedicated treatment consultant who will act as a coordinator between you and residential treatment centers and ensure a smooth treatment process. 
  • The next steps of the process are arranging your transfer and arrival. We can help you organize your transfer, no matter where in the US you are. We will agree on your time of arrival so our staff can welcome you.
  • Finally, your recovery can start. You will get a tour of the facility, receive your schedule, and meet our attentive staff. 

Between your first call and joining us, you can make all the necessary preparations for the residential treatment. You might need to make arrangements at work or at home, choose things to bring with you, do medical checkups, etc. You can always consult with us on documents you need to bring or anything else you are not certain about. We are here to make your recovery as easy as possible in every possible sense.

Effective Factors in Long-Term Residential Treatment

Long-term residential treatment programs are often more beneficial than short-term solutions. Research shows that the longer a patient stays in the rehabilitation center – the more effective the treatment is. This is related to how long-term residential treatment works. It allows patients to focus on recovery and work on underlying issues behind obvious manifestations. It provides sufficient time to work on replacing dysfunctional with functional behavioral patterns and create a solid base for life-long well-being. 

Essential factors for effective long-term residential treatment are mostly related to the quality of the staff. Having experts and licensed professionals coming from both medicine and psychology ensures a holistic approach to treating disorders and addictions. It creates opportunities for mixing methodologies and developing specialized programs backed by evidence-based approaches. 

High end rehab centers often have amenities that make long-term stays comfortable and welcoming. Having comfort while in long-term residential treatment contributes to peace and much-needed focus on oneself.

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What Happens After Long Term Residential Treatment?

After a long-term residential treatment ends, much can happen. People typically transition to an aftercare plan designed to support ongoing recovery. Depending on the needs and preferences, outpatient therapy, support groups, and continuous monitoring of progress can be part of that plan. We Level Up Treatment Centers offer an alumni program as a way to stay connected with the community and receive support when needed.

To maintain gains achieved during the residential treatment, it´s important to establish a support system that involves family, friends, and the local community. Ongoing work on yourself and life-long commitment are essential for creating a sustainable lifestyle and prioritizing mental health and well-being.

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FAQ About Residential Rehab

What is residential treatment?

Residential treatment is an immersive, structured therapeutic approach to treating mental health conditions and substance addictions. It implies that individuals reside within a facility for a certain period of time, receiving round-the-clock support and care. The goal is to create a safe space for recovery and self-development.  

Is the residential treatment effective?

Residential treatment is the most effective treatment for mental health disorders and substance addictions, especially for those requiring intensive support. Of course, the success of any treatment, including residential one, depends on the clients, their engagement, and commitment.  

What are the signs it´s time to look for residential treatment centers?

If the problem you are facing is significantly impacting your life and there are severe and persistent symptoms of mental health disorders or substance abuse, it´s time to look for professional help. Additionally, if in the past you attempted outpatient treatment or experienced relapses, this is an indicator you will benefit from a residential treatment. 

How long does residential treatment last?

The duration of the residential treatment will vary depending on various factors, such as individual needs and the severity of the problem being addressed. They can be as short as a few weeks or as long as 90 days. Some might even extend their stay. The important part is that the duration is determined in collaboration with professionals and can be adjusted based on progress. 

What are the benefits of the residential treatment?

Residential treatment centers can offer 24/7 medical assistance and psychological support, a structured environment, and individualized treatments. Patients can enjoy a supportive community and dual-diagnosis treatments. They can focus on their recovery while benefiting from privacy and comfort. 

Does insurance cover residential treatment?

Your residential treatment can be fully or partially covered, depending on your insurance plan. We Level Up Treatment Centers accept the majority of insurance, and we can quickly check your coverage over the phone. You can also consult your insurance agents for more details on insurance plans. 

What are holistic residential treatment options?

The holistic approach to treatments entails addressing the body, the mind, and the spirit, or, in short, treating a person as a whole rather than just the problem they are facing. It typically consists of different therapies, traditional and alternative ones, experiential activities, mindfulness, and practices related to nutrition and exercise. It fosters recovery and overall personal growth.


Greenfield, L., Burgdorf, K., Chen, X., Porowski, A., Roberts, T. and Herrell, J. (2004). Effectiveness of long-term residential substance abuse treatment for women: findings from three national studies. The American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse, [online] 30(3), pp.537–550. doi:

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