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We Level Up Addiction & Mental Health centers were created to drive long-term recovery success outcomes. Embracing science-based treatment along with changing and improving therapy modalities. We believe in listening, learning, training, and educating both clients and our teams of professional caregivers. Empowering clients, client families, and alumni with the purpose to connect, grow and improve our lives.

Our vision is to help legions of self-empowered recovered clients and families who are completely in control of their lives and destinies. Enabling them to get what they desire from their life, experiencing their life to its fullest, most liberating potential. Through these beliefs and their corresponding therapies, we’ll work to help clients become self-empowered and self-aware of their control over their long-term recovery. We’ll work to see families communicate with their loved ones with more love, trust, and caring for one another. We’ll work to see clients thrive in ways never before thought possible, and build friendships while in treatment with their peers and caring clinical teams that reach new heights. 

We Level Up works to produce liberation from addiction and co-occurring mental health chains that bind us. And enable clients to operate at their fullest capacity in stable long-term recovery. Have you ever wondered why you’re always living the same substance abuse or behavioral health problems over and over? Do you end up feeling like a victim? Or make the same poor choices, which always lead to stress, anguish, and inevitable relapse? We Level Up treatment centers work to offer a solution to these grave challenges and their underlying illnesses that clients must face every day.

Level Up Treatment is a multi-faceted drug and alcohol treatment program that uses a repertoire of methods to generate practical solutions to major drug/alcohol challenges targeted towards families and individuals. 

We work to improve the health of the public and of individuals from a variety of angles. This includes constant research and innovation on substance abuse treatment models as paired with individuals and a conducive environment. Click below to learn more.

We Level Up Treatment Center Addiction Treatment & Mental Health Center

We Level Up Treatment Center Addiction Treatment

We Level Up Coaching is designed to continue the growth as we process the new tools and integrate them into our day-to-day. Truly great leaders are a combination of thoughtful strategy, awareness, implementation, and accountability. 

WLU one-to-one coaching allows us to delve into your personal needs, strengths, pain points, and areas for improvement on a highly individualized basis. By building a relationship with your coach, you get to know each other on a deeper level. Your expert coach works closely with you to take meaningful steps towards your goals and become the person you’re meant to be.  Click below to learn more.

We Level Up Personal Development is designed to move you to the next phase of your mindset, open your heart and reconnect to your true authentic self. We build rooms where beautiful moments of breakthrough are shared, together we navigate through our personal roadblocks and find a connection in our unique stories. 

See yourself in others and achieve self-acceptance as we work through joy, anger, sadness, fear, and shame together. Gain freedom through this special community in a space of non-judgment recovery.