Drug & Alcohol Rehab Payment Options

Find out what our payment options are, and request a free insurance check with no obligation.

Addiction and mental health treatment can provide life-altering recovery care. Improving your well-being and happiness. We Level Up Treatment Center offers various rehab payment options for treatment. Many of which may be combined to assist you in paying for your rehab treatment. To review your estimated treatment costs please talk and message or call us. We will gladly offer more details regarding your insurance coverage plus discuss new affordable rehab payment options including monthly plans (with restricted availability in our FL recovery centers).

Now offering Cryptocurrency Rehab Payment options. Call to learn more.

We accept many insurance plans. We can help confirm your benefits confidentially, without charge nor obligation. We Level Up Treatment Center accepts most insurance carriers that support addiction and mental health recovery treatment. For a fast and easy insurance rehab payment options check, fill out the form below.

The We Level Up Treatment Center payments team works to make sure that addiction treatment payments are not something you have to worry about. We’ll provide you with convenient and easy to access online rehab payment options.

We Level Up Treatment Center continues to stay open during the COVID outbreak. We are dedicated to offering essential addiction recovery services. And are doing everything in our capacity to keep addiction and mental health recovery care the way you’ve come to demand from us. That means recruiting top talented professional addiction specialists serving clients every day. Please know, we’re placing the wellness of patients and colleagues first. Please be sure to place your personal health first, too. 

Your cost may be low. Get an instant private and confidential insurance check.

Rehab payment options may include Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover to help pay for your care. Now offering Cryptocurrencies Rehab Payment options. Call to learn more.

The cost of treatment varies depending on your level of care. Each patient’s treatment plan is customized to their individual needs. Rehab payment options & costs may vary based on location and other factors. To learn more, please call our admission specialists 24/7.

If you require a more affordable payment plan, please reach out. Limited rehab payment options are available. To connect with a financial payments team member please email payments@welevelup.com.

We Level Up Treatment Center offers personalized payment plans depending on financial and other hardships. These rehab payment options can offer convenient and affordable monthly payments. Please connect with our financial payment team to learn more.

Now Accepting Bitcoin

We Level Up Treatment Centers Accepting Crypto Currency Payments
We Level Up Treatment Centers Accepting Crypto Currency Payments

We Level Up Treatment Centers Accept Crypto Currencies Bitcoin & Ethereum for Addiction & Mental Health Rehab.

Why is there a balance or payment due?

A remaining balance generally may reflect that you have not met your insurance deductible. Or that your insurance carrier requires a copay that the patient is directly responsible for. Also in some instances, there is an applicable co-insurance or the treatment service was considered a non-covered fee under your insurance benefits plan.When is my balance or payment due?I cannot afford to pay my bill. What should I do?Why did I receive additional bills from other providers?

When is my balance or payment due?

Your payment or balance outstanding is due immediately upon receipt.

I cannot afford to pay my bill. What should I do?

We Level Up Treatment Center cares for all clients no matter their insurance coverage or lack thereof. Where you do not have insurance we may be able to assist qualified clients with more affordable monthly payment plans. Please connect with our financial payment team for more. Please know, where you ignore your bills, they may be sent to a collection agency and could impact your credit score.

Why did I receive additional bills from other providers?

Where you require additional treatment, tests, and medical and other services that are directly provided by a third-party provider, these services are billed by those providers separately.

We Level Up Drug & Alcohol Rehab Treatment is:

  • Covered by insurance
  • Backed by a 98% satisfaction rating
  • Supported by hundreds of positive reviews online

Let’s face it, rehab recovery treatment fees can be hard for some to afford. The expense can even be somewhat surprising for some. But, at We Level Up Treatment Center, we’re committed to making recovery affordability better.

That involves making the cost of health care more accessible and straightforward to follow and plan for. Our aim is to assist you to know your rights while detailing what fees to anticipate when you recover at one of our facilities.  

We provide cost projections for a wide variety of general recovery services. We’ll even help you obtain a good-faith projection to figure out what your part of the price for the aid chosen will look like.

We understand the price of rehabilitation can be an obstacle for those who need treatment, but it doesn’t have to be. Depending on your insurance policy, co-pays and out-of-pocket costs can add up fast. Affordable repayment plans can help you with the fees that insurance firms transfer to the customer. If you are not insured, we’ve got you covered too. Self-pay clients are eligible for more affordable rehab payment options and repayment plans.

The most significant thing is getting and accepting the help you need to live a sober and happy life. We will work hard on your account to set you up for success. On the road to rehab recovery without having to agonize about the finances. This is your chance to eliminate the stress of a big first payment and let yourself concentrate on your health. Call 24/7 to learn more about our rehab payment options.

*Restrictions apply, a limited number of openings are available in our treatment centers at any one time. Restricted to qualified people following in-house and or a third party and or other payment plan qualifications as directed by financial specialists . Current or prior defaults on prior rehab payment options obligations may disqualify. Requirements are subject to change and are not guaranteed. Treatment insurance reimbursement must be at a level agreeable to We Level Up Treatment Center. Self-pay requirements are subordinate to client provision of half of the treatment costs at the time of admission at treatment rates qualified by us at the time of care. You must admit for treatment in one of our select Florida treatment centers to qualify. Tour our Florida Treatment Center. Please call for all the details.