We Level Up Treatment Center



Level Up Treatment is a multi-faceted drug, alcohol and mental health treatment center with a dual diagnosis program that uses evidence-based proven methods, in order to generate cutting-edge solutions. We offer alcohol drug and mental health services to our patients and ensure they are given all the tools they need in order to “level up”. We work to improve the health of the public, individuals suffering from addiction, and their families. Our work includes tried and true methods, and constant research, innovation, and best practices (from experts in the field of addiction) on substance abuse and mental health treatment. We also pair this with some of the best clinicians and addiction specialists in the industry, in a conducive environment.

What separates us from other facilities is not only our research into addiction treatment and exceptional clinical staff, but also how we treat mental health problems that commonly affect those with addiction. Our extensive research and experience gives us a keen insight into how often mental illness like depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders, psychosis, and schizoaffective disorders commonly occur with addiction. Our clinicians are very experienced and can diagnosis latent mental illness caused, worsened, or created by the patient’s addiction.

We understand how to appropriately address the issue of addiction by addressing all of the underlying causes, while also identifying and avoiding addiction “triggers”, and healing through past traumas with CBT. To learn more about how We Level Up can help you or a loved one treat underlying mental health problems contributing to their addiction click here.

We Level Up Treatment Lake Worth is committed to providing the initial plus secondary phase of care for the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction coupled with and co-occuring dual diagnosis mental health programs. This inpatient treatment center is located in Lake Worth, Florida.

We Level Up Treatment West Palm Beach is committed to providing comprehensive care for the treatment of drug alcohol addiction detox, rehabilitation, and co-occuring dual diagnosis mental health treatment. This Inpatient treatment center is located in West Palm Beach, Florida



“At We Level Up we constantly train and apply best practices to achieve lasting results”.  “We know what it takes to achieve positive outcomes and use innovative cutting edge therapy that’s personalized for each client”.  Our programs are robust from medical detox to residential inpatient rehabilitation coupled with dual-diagnosis mental health treatment to get to the underlying cause of many client’s emotional pain and trauma triggering the addictive behavior.  We Level Up Treatment Director of Clinical service, Lauren Barry, Holds a Master’s from Nova Southeastern University.  Lauren is both a Master’s Level MCAP, Certified Addiction Professional, and a licensed Family plus Marriage Therapist. 

With work in the treatment field since 2014 providing individual, group, and family therapy and with work at We Level Up for multiple years she Lauren is a leader and champion for client recovery. She has a strong passion for helping clients and their families suffering from addiction and mental health challenges.

We Level Up Treatment is committed to providing care for the treatment of drug and alcohol addiction and mental health cases. We understand the importance of building a strong foundation during detox, residential care coupled with mental health treatment that flows into the transitional phases of recovery.  Level Up Treatment Centers are a part of the We Level Up Network.

Schedule your call with a member of our team to get started on your journey to a more fulfilling life free of addiction and mental health pain.