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We Level Up addiction recovery activities

Alumni program addiction recovery activities

Many people in recovery know the critical importance of continuing addiction recovery activities to support their recovery even after they leave inpatient rehab. At the We Level treatment center network Alumni Program former clients and their families get the support they need to continue their sobriety.

You can count on us to provide post-treatment robust alumni support programs. To enable former clients to renew connecting with their rehab peers and treatment care teams. The Alumni Program team schedules various in-person addiction recovery activities uniting clients in our local community and family of caregivers.

Alumni program weekend events

We Level Up addiction treatment network “weekend events” are designed for alumni. These weekends may also feature alumni groups events and fun alumni outings. Are you a former client? Have you already tried one of our local Florida events? If not, why not try one outing for yourself? Check out the next upcoming Level Up Alumni events scheduled for February 26, 2022.

Are you a former client? Through the alumni program, you are invited to join the Level Up addiction recovery activities weekend.

Alumni groups and weekly activities aid in long-term recovery and offer all the necessary support you need to continue your improvement. Various reports support activities for addiction recovery as they can provide a perfect space for patients and their families to share a good time and make new connections with people that can understand what they had been through.

We Level up addiction center network alumni team resources

The We Level up addiction center network and alumni team is committed to post-treatment support for clients and their families.  We believe staying connected and supported for their entire life is crucial for anyone who completed any of our network’s addiction treatment programs. Having continuous support can make all the difference in staying on your recovery path. 

Our powerful alumni resources for addiction rehab can be the perfect aftercare antidote for clients who are in recovery.  We encourage clients to keep on practicing long-term sobriety and work to help build peer support and live activities after treatment to keep patients motivated and encouraged by each other.

We invite alumni of the We Level Up addiction network to join our meetings and activities to remain involved, inspired, and help others stay on the course with you.   Reach out to learn more about how we can support you.

Are you a former patient? 

Are you a former patient?  If so, won’t you join our addiction alumni events for fun-filled recovery activities to continue to build and share the momentum of your recovery success?  Join other former clients to socialize in a sober supportive setting.  Are you a former client?  If so, please join the We Level Up addiction alumni social media group at Level Up Alumni (@welevelupalumni) • Instagram photos and videos.

Addiction recovery activities for alumni

Addiction recovery activities for alumni can provide education & fun activities that may take place over the course of a few online sessions and in-person outings. These sessions are designed to give alumni of our addiction recovery programs information to supplement their recovery journey. The addiction education component typically addresses topics such as:

– cravings & triggers,

– relapse prevention strategies,

– stress management skills training techniques.

Moreover, addiction coping skills training may focus on teaching alumni new ways of coping with addiction-related issues that don’t involve substance abuse or addictive behaviors. Those in an addiction recovery program may be taught how to deal with stress without turning to drugs or alcohol. And learn how to identify dangerous situations or how to handle panic attacks; etc.

After planning involves developing an ongoing plan for addiction recovery activities for our alumni program. These addiction recovery activities are structured to help alumni maintain sobriety and take responsibility for their addiction recovery. It is typically held after addiction treatment.

Addiction recovery activities are typically made up of three components:

– addiction education,

– addiction skills training, and

– aftercare planning.