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Resources For Drug And Alcohol Abuse

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Finding Helpful Resources For Drug And Alcohol Abuse

Resources for drug and alcohol abuse are complex subjects that involve an array of issues, information, and approaches.  When you or someone you love is addicted to a substance or behavior, it can be challenging to locate people and resources to provide help.

What you need are options, answers, and understanding.  In addition, you may need guidance in sorting through the vast amount of alternatives so that you can make the best possible choices for your unique situation.  The alcohol and drug abuse resources in this article provide a way to narrow your focus and help you find the specific information that addresses your concerns.

Addiction Resources For Drug And Alcohol Abuse

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Addictions begin with a single action that can either gradually or quickly escalate into abuse; as the individual must take more and more of the substance to produce the desired effect.   Subsequent changes in the brain’s chemistry and other systems in the body make the individual so dependent on the drug that a host of symptoms occurs when you don’t satisfy your tolerance.

The specific path that a given drug abuser follows to addiction depends on many factors including:

  • Family history
  • General physical and mental health
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Social support system
  • Genetics

Therefore, a treatment program must address each person’s unique combination of background, challenges, readiness, and willingness to change if it effectively breaks the addiction cycle. We suggest that you use these addiction resources to inform yourself about the issues you or your loved one could face and create a strong foundation for lasting recovery.

Defining Common Addiction Terms

Any in-depth discussion about alcohol abuse, drug abuse, or behavioral addiction involves terms that may not be familiar to the average person.  In fact, much of the terminology comes from the medical and scientific communities.  Medical words such as dopamine, opioid, and glutamate can explain the mechanisms or effects of addiction.  However, even the names of the substances that are likely to be abused can lead to confusion. 

Helpful Resources For Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Recovering from alcohol and drug abuse is a challenge that is approachable on an individual basis.  Drug abuse resources and alcohol abuse resources share many components; however, there are essential differences in the treatment needs of people who abuse those substances.  Therefore, obtaining the best results requires careful matching of interventions, treatment processes, and even rehab settings to each person’s situation.

Rehab hotlines can help substance abusers and the essential people in their lives determine which treatment facilities and modalities will best serve their purposes.  The goal in providing drug abuse resources is always to help substance abusers cope with their addiction and return to healthy functioning in all areas of their lives, including relationships, work, and personal/spiritual fulfillment.

Drug rehab centers offer people with drug- or alcohol-related dependency and withdrawal symptoms a safe place to get help and regain control of their lives.  There are many types of rehabilitation centers, each offering specialized treatment and different rehabilitation programs.

Addiction Help Resources

Call the We Level Up addiction hotline for resources For Alcohol and Drug Abuse. Get a free addiction assessment.

We Level Up Treatment Center offers nationally recognized dual-diagnosis mental health therapy.  Clients suffering from dual diagnosis will have treatment differently versus someone with a stand-alone substance use disorder (SUD).  Moreover, drug and alcohol abuse often mask mental health pain and related symptoms of depression, trauma; stress, anxiety, and other emotional crises.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Hotlines

These reputable organizations provide hotlines that offer a wealth of information to get you started:

Behavioral Health Addiction Hotline

When you call a hotline to get more information about behavioral health treatment, you may feel the same anxiety as calling a substance abuse hotline.  However, the principles are the same for both. Trained people want to help because the hotlines’ staff are caring. And you can ask the same questions listed above when you call one.

A few options for you to call when you are ready to get help for your behavioral health disorder include:

  • National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Helpline
  • Crisis Text Line & Addiction Hotline
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Whether you or a loved one is concerned about substance abuse or a behavioral addiction, the important thing is to reach out for help today.

At the We Level Up treatment center network, clinical addiction specialists provide world-class care with round-the-clock medical professionals available to help you cope.  We work as an integrated team providing support through resources for drug and alcohol abuse and other aspects of treatment.  Make this your opportunity to reclaim your life.  Call today to speak with one of our treatment specialists.  Our specialists know what you are going through and will answer any of your questions.

Your call is private and confidential, and there is never any obligation.