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Below are several personal rehab reviews and recovery stories from former We Level Up rehab clients. These success stories are part of the over ten thousand plus success stories that We Level Up’s team is proud to have supported. Please see and read the below stories and know that you can do it too.

Rehab Reviews

See for yourself why We Level Up continues to earn so many 5-Star Verified Reviews.

The testimonial transcript below is from an actual We Level Up rehab client.

“Hello, my name is CharlesVales. I came to We Level Up (on) December 13th, 2019. I’m going on eleven months sober now.

What was your life situation before and after joining We Level Up Treatment Centers?

I used to be someone at the bar all the time, drunkard, ruining my life, Now I’m going on 11 months sober. I own my own company. I’m currently living the best life I’ve ever lived. I’ve never regretted (going to rehab).

How was your experience at We Level Up Treatment Centers?

The counseling was awesome they helped show me, encouraged (me), showed me what sobriety can bring me. And they encouraged me to keep pushing forward every time I wanted to give up. The staff was excellent. I made great friends that I have for life now. I couldn’t say much more.

They’re superb – as we say We Level Up.”

So tell me this, what can’t you do?

Actual client of We Level Up Treatment Center. Recovery experience will vary based on the work and effort one puts into getting better.

We Level Up Alcohol Rehab Detox Center Review

10 out of 10
We Level Up Rehab Reviews

Complete alcohol rehab treatment programs under one roof

Medical Detox
Inpatient Rehab
Alumni & Family Support
Facility Comfort



Low Therapist to Patient Ratio

Recovery Success


Need time to detox

Get up early

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