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Veterans rehab for alochol and drug addiction and mental health ptsd disorders
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We Level Up to Launch Military Veterans Rehab for Substance Use Disorder plus Mental Health Disorders.

Many military veterans have been exposed to trauma during their service. That’s why rehab programs for veterans that suffer from highly stressful events resulting in trauma are so vital.

Drug and alcohol rehab for veterans

A new, innovative evidence-based Military Veterans rehab for Substance Use Disorder is coming soon to the We Level Up treatment center. The drug and alcohol rehab for veterans programs will provide dual diagnosis treatment delivered by a team of licensed professionals with experience in both addiction and mental health. The rehab programs for veterans are designed to address the unique needs of returning military service members struggling with addiction and dual diagnosis PTSD.

“We are excited to offer specialized rehab centers for veterans with co-occurring treatment programs,” said Alexandra Krotkevich, CEO of We Level Up. “Our goal is to provide outstanding veterans rehab recovery experience through the best possible care. Our specialists are well versed in helping vets overcome their addiction and underlying mental health challenges.

Rehab Programs for veterans targeting substance use disorders

Substance use disorders (SUDs) are a substantial concern among military veterans and are associated with multiple harmful results. The promising news is there are a number of services and interventions available in drug and alcohol rehab for veterans to help reduce SUDs, including both behavioral and pharmacological treatments. Many veterans struggle with drug and alcohol abuse in the U.S., especially those who suffer from PTSD. The We Level Up Substance Use Disorder Treatment program addresses both substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health disorders. These are the most effective form of treatment available for veterans.

Rehab programs for veterans & mental health treatment
A new rehab program for veterans suffering from substance use disorder and other mental health issues.

We Level Up is a renowned treatment center that applies evidence-based treatment modalities and holistic programs to improve client recovery outcomes—combining traditional elements of SUD treatment, including supervised medical recovery coupled with intensive drug and alcohol rehab for veterans.

We Level Up’s Rehab Centers for Veterans to provide Intensive Therapy Recovery Programs

Many veterans struggle with drug and alcohol abuse in the U.S., especially those who suffer from PTSD. The We Level Up Substance Use Disorder Treatment program addresses both substance use disorders and co-occurring mental health disorders. These are the most effective form of treatment available for veterans.

We Level Up operates drug and alcohol rehab for veterans

Veterans rehab for addiction & mental health treatment
A new Veterans rehab program for addiction & mental health treatment will offer intensive inpatient alcohol, drugs, & trauma dual-diagnosis therapy.

Although behavioral health issues and suicide are endemic to military veterans, fear of job loss, difficulty trusting others, deeply ingrained cultural stigma, and a lack of specialized care providers makes it hard for these professionals to seek treatment. We Level Up Veteran Substance Use Disorder Treatment Program was created to provide relevant, effective, and help veterans overcome the barriers that prevent them from accessing care.

Inpatient alcohol rehab for veterans can offer long term rehabilitation prospects

Despite numerous attempts by the VA and other agencies over the past two decades to reduce problematic substance use, rates of alcoholism in veterans continue to rise. Substance use disorders are associated with substantial negative correlates, including medical issues, other psychiatric disorders (e.g., military veterans’ depression and anxiety), interpersonal and vocational impairment, and increased rates of suicidal ideation and attempts. It is all too common to see Veterans with chronic alcohol addiction problems with multiple relapses after treatment. Intensive treatment is preferred to provide for long term recovery prospects

Alcohol rehab for veterans is crucial to a successful outcome

One study of military personnel found that ~30% of completed suicides were preceded by alcohol or drug use, and an estimated 20% of high-risk behavior deaths were attributed to alcohol or drug overdose. Given the deleterious associations with SUDs, greater attention to the identification of effective, evidence-based treatment is critically needed. 

Regardless of the strict US military policies enforced in 1986 to lessen problematic alcohol consumption, heavy drinking and drug addiction are common among military personnel. Policies tend to be implemented with inconsistency, and heavy alcohol consumption has long been a cultural norm used for entertainment, stress relief, and socializing among military personnel. Drug and Alcohol use disorders are the most dominant form of SUD among military personnel.

The We Level Up drug and alcohol rehab for veterans & mental health program helps returning service members overcome substance use and mental health issues

The We Level Up rehab programs for veterans are designed to help military veterans feel safe and manage one of their considerably challenging mental health threats and unaddressed trauma. Military veterans are exposed to deaths, injuries, domestic violence, catastrophic situations, and other adverse events that, if left unprocessed, can result in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Untreated PTSD can cause substance misuse, marital and family problems, sleeplessness, impassivity, and other adverse effects. Unaddressed trauma can also prove deadly.

Rehab centers for veterans can help combat trauma

When veterans return to civilian life, they may face challenges that are unique to them. One of the biggest is adjusting after being deployed or combat-active and facing trauma such as significant injury. Seeing death close up in wartime, experiencing sexual assault, or fearing for your life can leave lasting trauma. The rates for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) among military service members who experienced moderate/severe levels on deployment can be upwards of 30%. This doesn’t mean all these people will develop full-blown PTSD episodes.

About our drug and alcohol rehab for veterans

Launching the Drug and Alcohol rehab for veterans continues a legacy of proving effective care to those in need. The We Level Up addiction & mental health centers were created to drive long-term recovery success outcomes. Our mission is simply to provide you with a map back to your fullest most authentic potential, so you can choose a dream without limitation. Our centers offer a holistic approach to healing that includes evidence-based therapies and cutting-edge, all in one place!

Therapy sessions at the We Level Up rehab programs for veterans offer a safe space to dig deep and discover the complex nature behind their addictions, and to learn how to resolve and heal each particular underlying issue. We truly believe that each client is an individual with unique life circumstances. Evidence-based therapies include, but are not limited to: Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.  The We Level Up rehab programs for veterans help the clients recognize and correct the dysfunctional behavioral patterns that have overtaken them and ultimately heal the pain of the past so that they can lead a healthy, addiction-free life.