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Director Recreational Therapy

Recreational Therapy for the Best Recovery Outcomes
Lauren is a passionate advocate for Recreational Therapy provided as part of the Dual Diagnosis Treatment programs.

Client Recovery Activities Plus Engagement

As director of recreational therapy, Lauren Carbonell engages with clients daily conducting treatment-focused activities to improve recovery outcomes. The position’s unique skills and abilities focus on:

  • Using fun recovery activities to enhance client communications.
  • Helping foster client change to focus on being happy.
  • Gaining socialization skills interacting with peers and staff.
  • Sponsoring improved mental health and recovery progress

The expertise that Lauren brings to the role includes knowledge of the concepts, methods, routines, and equipment used in recreational therapy. That knowledge extends to outdoor games, music, arts and crafts, and both sporting and social group recreational activities. Lauren supervises and plans various types of recreational activities. Her role requires her to maintain effective working relationships with clients and co-workers by communicating effectively, both orally and written; exercising initiative and independent judgment, and working with substance abuse clients and mentally ill clients.

Lauren oversees the implementation of recreational activities at each of the following locations:

Recreational therapy, also known as therapeutic recreation, is a systematic process that utilizes recreation and other activity-based interventions to address the assessed needs of individuals with illnesses and/or disabling conditions and help them develop and enhance their abilities to participate in socially significant activities.

Recreational therapy goals include teaching and improving client interrelationship with their ongoing treatment programs. Improving negative behavior and providing positive behavior modification techniques help clients express their emotions through safe recreational activities.

Lauren Carbonell is the recreational therapy Director for We Level Up treatment centers. In the below video, she explains her role and how the entire We Leve Up rehab team helps clients along their recovery journey. Each activity, exercise, and therapy is crafted to help clients progress, improve and recover for the long term.

Lauren explains the positive impact of recreational therapy she oversees for recovery clients.

Hi, my name is Lauren Carbonell. I am the recreation manager for We Level Up. And my role with the clients is to get them to get comfortable in the uncomfortable by doing recreational activities, arts and crafts. Really just getting up and getting outside of themselves. Something that they typically don’t do. All that while teaching them to have fun while being sober.