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cocaine and sex

Sex and Cocaine

Sex with Cocaine Euphoria, heightened awareness, and increased sensory stimulation are just some of the reasons why people believe sex on cocaine is more pleasurable. Additionally, this drug often leads to increased energy and confidence. Coupled with an increased sex drive from cocaine use, a person is more likely to engage in sexual activity. Individuals who use cocaine have reported that sex on cocaine lasts longer and that orgasms are more intense. These positive symptoms tend to wear off as quickly as the effects, and there are several negative consequences associated with cocaine use and sex. The Negative Consequence of Sex and Cocaine Some problems may arise with sexual activity and cocaine use. Whether intentional or not, using cocaine during sexual activity can be dangerous. Unsafe Sex and Cocaine Impulsivity is an effect of cocaine, and about sexual activity, research has shown that individuals on cocaine are less likely to use a condom than individuals who are not unless the condom is immediately available. High levels of cocaine over some time may also result in a person being unable to satisfy sexual desire, which can lead to unsafe sexual activities, multiple partners over a short period, and hypersexuality. Cocaine has…